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Together As One - Other songs

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Together As One

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Together As One
Sail On
I Wanna Be Your Light

TOGETHER AS ONE by Heather Nova C Am Em G C The wind is up, I'll take you with me Am Em G We'll ride the waves and build a dream together C We'll set the sails and as in life Am Em G We'll take each turn ; the fair and stormy weather F G Cause it's in our hearts, it's in our minds F G With only our fears to leave behind C Am Em G And we'll be sailing to get there C Am Em G Sailing to come back home C Am Em G Sailing, sailing F G C Together we can learn to live as one We are an island in the sea We are all sailors you and me, remember So like our fathers did before Let's weigh the anchors and explore together Cause it's in our blood, it's in our veins We're taking it back to win again And we'll be sailing to get there Sailing to come back home Sailing, sailing Together we can learn to live as one C Am We have the chance to shine C Am To pull together, leave our differences behind F G Cause it's in our hearts, it's in our souls F G Just as they did in days of old F G Take up the challenge of the sea F G And we can set our mind and spirits fre Cause we'll be sailing to get there Sailing to come back home Sailing, sailing F G Am Together we can learn to live as one F G C ~ Yeah, together we can learn to live as one
SAIL ON words by A. John Frith music by Heather Nova Capo 1 Chords picking : A E D F#m E--------0---------+--------0---------+---------2----------+-------2----------+ B---2--------2-----+---0-------0-----+----3--------3-----+---2-------2------+ G-----2--------2---+-----1-------1---+------2--------2---+-----2-------2----+ D----------2-----2-+---------2-----2-+-0--------0-----0-+----------4-----4-+ A-0-----------------+-2----------------+--------------------+--------------------+ E-------------------+-------------------+--------------------+-2-----------------+ Intro : A Asus2 A E------0-------------------0-------+------0--------------0---------+ B----------2------0---0-----0-----+-----------2---------------2---+ G---2--------2----------2-----2---+---2----2----2---2-----2-----+ D-2-----2------2----------------2-+----------------0------------0-+ A--------------------0---------------+-0------------------------------+ E------------------------------------+---------------------------------+ A E D My life is a chain of islands A F#m D A My life is a string of pearls A E D Every heartbeat is a new beginning A F#m D A And each breath brings a whole new world A Asus2 E------0--------------------0--------+ B----------2-------0---0-----0-----+ G---2--------2-----------2-----2---+ D-2-----2------2----------------2-+ A--------------------0---------------+ E-------------------------------------+ I was born at the end of an evening The day I die will be a brand new day If my song is one star shining Then my symphony is the Milky Way A Asus2 A Asus2 A E--------0----------+------------0--------------------------+-----0--------------------+ B---2--------2-----+---0-----0------0>2---2-----2-----2-+--0------0>2----0>2-+ G-----2--------2---+-----2--------------------2-----2-----+---------------2----------+ D----------2-----2-+-------2------2-------------2-----2--+--------2--------2--------+ A-0----------------+-0---------------------0---------------+-0-------------------------+ E-------------------+----------------------------------------+----------------------------+ I know the stars by the space between them You can't have islands without the sea Pure thin air is what defines me I can't be real if I can't float free A F#m D E A Mmm ooh, oo-ooh ooh I feel your touch when we're not touching The feeling's strongest when the feeling's gone My life is a chain of islands Land for a moment, then sail on (chords : ) A F#m D E A Sail on, sail on, land and sail on A F#m D E A Sail on, sail on, land and sail on F#m D E A Sail, ooh, land and sail on
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