Heather Nova Lyrics

Glow Stars - Oyster - Siren - South - Storm - Redbird
The Jasmine Flower
Heather Frith EP - Together As One

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Heather Frith EP

Glow Stars






The Jasmine Flower


Together As One

(more to come)

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What's Special About These Lyrics?

These lyrics are intended to accurately represent Heather Nova's actual recordings. Each song has been carefully transcribed by Cassander with help and advice provided by the HeatherNova.Net community. Each section of a song's lyrics (Verse, Chorus, Break, etc.) has been labeled so as to make it easier to refer to the different sections of each song.

What If There Is An Error In These Lyrics?

If you think that any part of the lyrics you see here does not match what you hear in the recorded song, please either add a comment to the bottom of the lyrics page in question or send a private message to Cassander explaining what the error is. Thanks!

Please note, however, that these lyrics will sometimes differ from those found in the liner notes of an album because the liner notes do not always accurately reflect the song as recorded or do not go into the detail provided here.

Can These Lyrics Be Used On Other Heather Nova Websites?

Yes, but please give credit to Cassander and link to HeatherNova.Net.

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