Heather Nova in London, September 30, 2005

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London, September 30, 2005:

Heather Nova did the first concert of her indoor Redbird Tour 2005 in London, UK, at Shepherd's Bush Empire.

This was a very special concert, because her long-time cellist Nadia Lanman, who left the band some years ago, made a guest appearance. Nadia was a band member from 1993 till 1999, had played the cello, but also the keyboards on tour and had taken the cello parts on Oyster and Siren.

Together, Heather and Nadia played four songs in the middle of the set for an very intimate acoustic duo spot: Doubled Up, My Fidelity, Truth And Bone, and Water From Wine. As encore they both also performed I'm On Fire. Heather was very emotional. She told about their touring just the two of them and how glad she was to see Nadia again. Nadia's cello spot sounded amazing.

The gig was brilliant, Heather's voice seems to get better and stronger with age. Also a good balance of old and new in the set. Nice to hear Laurie back on drums; although Luke was great; Laurie knows the Heather sound inside out. Berit seemed quiet in the mix but she added a great deal of atmosphere to the sound.

The other Heather Nova gigs on this tour are unfortunately without the guest appearance of Nadia Lanman.

Heather played these songs: Storm / Heart And Shoulder / Motherland / Redbird / Just Been Born / Walk This World / Fool For You / Mesermized / I Miss My Sky / All I Need / Doubled Up / My Fidelity / Truth And Bone / Water From Wine / London Rain / Winterblue / Done Drifting / Make You Mine / First Encore: Welcome / Island / Second Encore: I'm On Fire

As a special surprise Heather was accompanied on the song I Miss My Sky by famous violonist Fiona Pears from New Zealand on violin, who also did one supporting act before Heather's show. Her homepage: http://www.fionapears.com

Videos from the Heather gig in London, thanks to wonnie, all wmv-files:

http://www.wonny.co.uk/_img/video/heathernova1.wmv (Redbird)
http://www.wonny.co.uk/_img/video/heathernova2.wmv (Walk This World)
http://www.wonny.co.uk/_img/video/heathernova3.wmv (All I Need)
http://www.wonny.co.uk/_img/video/heathernova4.wmv (Doubled Up, with Nadia Lanman)

He has also many pics from that gig on his site: http://www.wonny.co.uk/_beta/outnabout/pics.php?event=96

Other pics, thanks to amayii, here: http://www.westscape.dsl.pipex.com/images/sbush2005/thumb.html

Also thanks to Lilly and Gerd.

Next Heather Nova concert: 2005-10-01 (Saturday) - Brussels (Belgium) - Ancienne Belgique

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