Redbird released in France

Date 2005/9/6 14:27:26 | Topic: Heather Nova Album News

Today, September 6th, marks the release of Redbird in France. As reported earlier, it is a digipak, with the same tracklisting as the other versions that are already available. It also features the same track times mistakes. The Welcome single cover is used behind the disc tray. The disc itself is slightly different, with a white background on the edges and a maroon background beneath the black marks. "Heather Nova Redbird" is written in black instead of exposing the CD's surface. The legal mentions stretch all the way around and are not the same. Be sure to check out our picture gallery for pictures (coming soon). Currently I've only seen this version, i.e. no standard jewel case for now.

You can order it now on for 15.99 plus postage. In FNAC stores it is sold for 17.50. It is also available at, for 15.76, but the delivery is up to 6 days in France... to say nothing of foreign countries!

[EDIT] It is now available on for 16.62.

In any case, it looks like delivery outside of France costs at least 8.

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