Heather Nova launches Patreon page

Date 2021/5/21 22:14:31 | Topic: Heather Nova News

Heather Nova:

Big News!! Iíve just launched my Patreon page and Iím very excited about it! Not having toured in so long, this gives me a chance to play mini gigs from my home for you, and so much more. Iíve curated some very special exclusive content for you, including never before heard recordings, behind the scenes of my new project, Q and As, exclusive photos and more. Patreon is a members platform that allows people to directly support artists/musicians in exchange for valuable content, making creativity sustainable. Come on over and check it out! Link in bio. 🧡


There are two tiers:

- Truth And Bone (£ 3.50/month + VAT)
- Singing You Through (£ 8.50/month + VAT)

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