Today: Heather Nova's ninth album "The Way It Feels"

Date 2015/5/29 9:57:43 | Topic: Heather Nova Album News

Today is the release date of Heather Nova's ninth album "The Way It Feels"!

The tracklist:

1. Treehouse
2. Sea Glass
3. The Archaeologist
4. Girl On The Mountain
5. Lie Down In The Bed You've Made
6. On My Radar
7. Sleeping Dogs
8. Sea Change
9. This Humanness
10. I'm Air
11. Women's Hands
12. Moon River Days

Amazon bonus track: Earth Is My Heaven
iTunes bonus track: Serengeti

The bonus tracks may vary from country to country a bit. For example on Dutch iTunes, both songs are bonus tracks.

Heather Nova about the album: "Pleased and grateful to announce the release of my newest album ďThe Way it FeelsĒ today! Itís the process of making an album that I love - from the first inception of the songs to the recording process, to the mixing, to the artwork - I love the journey. And now the release - letting it go out into the world to hopefully find a home in the hearts of many, or even a few. Iím always grateful for this opportunity to connect through music. It feels kind of magical to me, like Iím just part of something bigger. Happy to be a part of it. I love getting feedback, so let me know which songs you like the most and what they mean to you. I hope most of all that it makes you feel good! Thanks again to all who supported its making through PledgeMusic, and to my management team who has been amazing. Itís available on iTunes in Europe and the UK, as well as physical cds from Amazon in those territories too. Available through North American platforms in about a month. Meanwhile, from next week youíll be able to buy physical copies or mp3 downloads directly from my website, with only the shipping added on, so no need to pay import prices in the US.
Love, Heather"

Get 'The Way It Feels' here:

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