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Date 2013/5/13 20:39:10 | Topic: Heather Nova News

Heather Nova today on Facebook:

I wanted to let you know that Felix and I have a radio show on David Lynch's Transcendental Radio station. Our show is called "Get Out of Your Head"... and we play our favourite records and interview artists on how they get into their creative flow. Please tune in sometime. It's free of course, but the great thing is that in listening to the station you are supporting The David Lynch Foundation which is teaching meditation in schools and to at-risk social groups across America with an aim to decrease violence. Our debut show airs Monday (tonight) and Friday from 6-7 pm PST, and replays on Tuesday 2-3am PST and Saturday 10-11am PST. Heather xx

Link to the radio: http://transcendentalmusic.org/home

Thanks to Martin!

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