Very special guest for London show (Sep. 30th)

Date 2005/7/29 11:52:36 | Topic: Heather Nova Concert News

On July 28th, a new post from Heather on the official site revealed a very pleasant surprise: famed (and missed) cellist Nadia Lanman will once again play with Heather, albeit for one night only. Be there or be square!

Here's Heather's announcement:

summer heat. looking forward to being back on the road - festivals first. then in the fall a tour with your old favourites on stage - berit on guitar, laurie on drums, matt on bass and a new keyboard player, simon, who has a few other tricks up his sleeve.

some treats along the way: in shepherds bush nadia lanman, who many of you will remember as the very lovely and talented cellist will make a guest appearance - something i very much look forward to... anyway, stay cool. and see you soon.


Sadly, Nadia had to stop playing with Heather because of pain in her hands. We hope her reappearance means she's getting better.

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