New Heather Nova album "300 Days At Sea"

Date 2011/5/27 0:00:00 | Topic: 300days-at-sea

Don't forget: Heather Nova's new album "300 Days at Sea" will be released TODAY in Germany and in some other countries!

The track list for the CD version:
1. Beautiful Ride
2. Higher Ground
3. Stop The Fire
4. Save A Little Piece of Tomorrow
5. Everything Changes
6. Do Something That Scares You
7. The Good Ship Moon
8. Turn The Compass Round
9. Burning To Love
10. I'd Rather Be
11. Until The Race Is Run
12. Stay

The tracklist for the CD/DVD version includes a bonus track "Precious Thing" and six videos:
1. Beautiful Ride Video
2. Save A Little Piece of Tomorrow Video
3. Everything Changes Video
4. Turn The Compass Round Video
5. Higher Ground Video
6. Stop The Fire Video

An overview about other known bonus tracks:
1. You're A Rainbow (on Amazon)
2. Over You (on iTunes)
3. When The Music Stops (on iTunes)
4. Precious Thing (not only on CD/DVD, but also on iTunes)
5. He's Spiritual (

All things are different in France, though:

The album is available in France
-now on iTunes with the bonus tracks
-in some other digital stores with no bonus tracks

In late june in France
-for physical CD
-probably download on

And finally the cover:

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