Heather Nova on promotion tour

Date 2011/5/25 10:50:00 | Topic: 300days-at-sea

Heather Nova is currently on promotion tour in Germany:

26.5. SR1 (Konzert); TV Bericht Saarländischer Rundfunk/Südwestrundfunk
3.6. Morgenmagazin (ZDF) - live
3.6. Motor FM; Radio Eins - live
5.6. TV Noir (for tickets in Berlin: http://tvnoir.de/tickets/ - the concert will probably be shown in black/white on "zdf.kultur" on June 10 or June 17)

Additional promotion will be on German radio/tv stations WDR 2, SWR 2+3, HR 1+3.

Thanks to Nicole from Heather's management

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