"Welcome": first single info, cover and video

Date 2005/7/20 12:10:08 | Topic: Heather Nova Album News

On the homepage of Heather's official site, you will find the cover art for Redbird's first single, Welcome, which is derived from one of the new promo pics. Along with it is a picture from the set of the accompanying video. It features Heather in a sexy mermaid-like dress, hair flying, with the sea and the sky behind her. No word yet on the place where it was shot.

Much like Drink It In from Storm, Welcome seems to be only a promotional single, meaning it has a video but won't get a public release, in France and in Germany at least. Copies have been sent out, featuring the radio edit (3:30) and the the album version (4:15) of Welcome. You can see a picture of this CD in the forums of the German fansite.

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