Christmas 2007

Date 2007/12/24 0:00:00 | Topic: Website News

2007 was a year without a Heather Nova tour and an album. But it wasn't a really quiet year for the fans i think! There were songs released in collaboration with Heather Nova and a new song of Heather Nova finally in November. There was a festival with her musical friends. Heather is working on songs for the new album having already lots of ideas and is creative with paintings as well. She considers touring the US east coast, releasing a live album from the Intimitate Evening Tour as well as a new studio album. So 2008 and 2009 is going to be very promising!

At this time of the year I also like to look back how our nice HNN community developed this year. A lot of new members joined again this year, having more than 440 members now, which is a good sign that you all love to be here and like our fan community. Thank you all for your participation in the forums, the riddles, the polls and whatever we had here. We hit already the 100000 postings mark after less then 3 years from the restart as HNN and more then 1.400.000 reads.
Thanks so much to all admins for helping, running the tournaments, helping with the Advent Calendar, caring about the forums, contributing to the different sections, correcting typos and whatever. It's a great teamwork!

This year has been very special to me and I cannot really express in words how much happy and thankful I am that Heather Nova and Felix gave me such a warm welcome to Bermuda and that Heather agreed to have an interview we could post on HNN! Thank you so much! Thanks as well to Fiona and Ian for the welcome and to Erin Moran and her crew from Greenrock, who is doing a great job to improve environmental awareness at Bermuda!

Thank you all for joining us at HNN, Merry Christmas to all of you and let's look forward to an upcoming great Heather Nova year 2008!

Love you all!

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