Happy Birthday HNN and Happy New Year 2007

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Today marks the second anniversary of Heather Nova Net. Let's take a look back at the last year...

On January 1st, 2006, Heather Nova Net turned one year old. Having been born out of the ashes of NovaForums a year earlier, it was now time for the second year of craziness following our Bermudian namesake and inspiration. And Bermuda is exactly where we started.

The Together As One CD had been released in December 2005, but only to stores in Bermuda, most of which did not ship internationally. But by working with the Bermuda Sloop Foundation and HeatherNova.de, we were able to offer a special international release of this CD and distribute it to fans worldwide.

The Bermuda Sloop Foundation announced that Heather Nova would be performing at the July launch of the Spirit of Bermuda in Rockport, Maine. Unfortunately, this first American performance in years never happened since the date of launch got pushed back and Heather Nova would no longer be able to attend.

The Intimate Evening Tour hit the road with 10 dates in 5 countries, including Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, and the UK. Featuring Fiona Pears on violin and Ian Tilley on piano, the concerts were notable for brand new acoustic versions of classic and rare Heather Nova songs, including some that had never been performed live or had not been performed live in many years. As a special bonus, in two concerts, Luxembourg and Tongeren, Heather Nova played a long-desired, first-time-ever acoustic version of Sugar. One sorrowjoy poem was also performed at each gig to go along with the sorrowjoy CD that was being sold. All gigs were sold out.

Heather Nova also made a special video for the Bring the Elephant HOME charity, benefiting the rescue of elephants in Thailand.

In April, Heather Nova Net once again made a new CD available worldwide, this time the sorrowjoy CD that had only been available at the Intimate Evening concerts, featuring 44 poems read by Heather Nova and set to music mixed by her husband, Felix Tod. In addition, a video for Done Drifting was released on Heather Nova's official site, HeatherNova.com. The Pic Tournament also began in May, with forums members choosing their favorite Heather Nova artwork, album covers, and concert pictures to compete.

The final match of the Pic Tournament began at the end of May, featuring two concert photos, with one taken by Gerd in Tongeren and nominated by Fritz beating out a another taken and nominated by Jelger at Crossing Border to gain the title of favorite picture.

Heather Nova started June off with an unannounced gig in Munich, which was a private promotion for Munich Airlines' new direct service to Bermuda. Also during June, forums members competed in two different World Cup pools, with Gerd coming out on top in one and Jadamur in the other.

We wished Heather Nova a happy 39th birthday and the Summer Tour began with three gigs at the Belgian “Suikerrock”, Swiss “Funny Farm”, and Austrian “Poolbar”. The concerts were “rockier” than the March tour and featured Nikolaj Bjerre on drums, Matt Round on bass, Berit Fridahl on guitars, and Simon Stafford on keyboards. No Blue Balls this year, though.

The Summer Tour continued in The Netherlands and Belgium, with concerts in The Hague, Eindhoven, and Lokeren. Antionette van de Water, the founder of the Bring the Elephant HOME, sold merchandise to support her charity at the Dutch gigs. Some concert pictures taken by Gerd and signed by Heather Nova were also sold in support of the charity. Additionally, the largest fan gatherings of Heather Nova Net members were at the Dutch gigs, with fans attending from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, and the United States.

Additionally, we heard rumors in August of Heather Nova writing songs for a new album and the possibility of an album of unreleased tracks. And at Heather Nova Net, Chessimprov brought us the idea of the “questions” threads, which have taken the forums by storm. In the last few months, members both old and new have been asked hundreds of crazy questions!

“Dancing”, a collaboration with vocals by Heather Nova, was released by Mensano (Mirko von Schlieffen) on his MySpace site. Also in September, French radio station, Ouï FM released Ouï FM Rock Acoustic CD, which featured an acoustic version of Wicked Game that Heather Nova had recorded at their studios. Finally, at the end of September, the Bermuda Sloop Foundation's Spirit of Bermuda, which had launched from Maine in August, now arrived in Bermuda, with Heather Nova performing at a ceremony welcoming the vessel.

Heather Nova participated in a “Wet Paint Auction” in Bermuda to support the Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation.

Heather Nova performed at Save The Gardens “family day”, which was held to protest the planned destruction of the Botanical Gardens in Bermuda. Ultimately, the protest was successful and the Gardens will remain. At Heather Nova Net, the sorrowjoy Tournament began.

Heather Nova Net held it's second Advent Calendar in December, featuring 24 days of photos, articles, recordings and videos from throughout Heather Nova's career, all capped off with a riddle contest giving away various Heather Nova items. Congratulations to the winners!

I'd like to thank everyone who helped make 2006 a great year for us, including Gerd, Bernd, Darren, Heather's band and crew, Alan Burland from The Bermuda Sloop Foundation, Antionette van de Water from Bring the Elephant HOME, Felix Tod, and, of course, Heather Nova. Most of all, however, I'd like to thank all the fans who have supported us throughout the last year. Thank you.

Please continue making our community a special place and please join me in wishing Heather Nova Net a happy second birthday.

Happy New Year!


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