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Date 2005/4/1 12:25:25 | Topic: Heather Nova Album News


Back in October, the Bermuda Sloop Foundation announced that Heather would write and record a duet with a young Bermudian as a bid to raise awareness of the youth sailing project.

Today Gerd and Bernd report on the state of the project:

Gerd: I just found the cover of the single that Heather recorded with a Bermudian guy. I don't have any details. I haven't seen the backside of the single, but there seems to be just the 2 songs on it: the "Bermudian Sailor" song and the instrumental extended mix.

Click here to see the "Bermudian Sailor" cover art
Bernd: The Bermuda-born male guy who sings this duet with Heather is called Sebastian! It fits perfectly: he represents the "youth" persons of Bermuda this sloop ship will be made for.

He is also credited for "background clapping". I read there is a photo with him in the arms of Heather on the backcover, but I haven't seen this pic yet, so I cannot say much about it.

But I got the info that the duet "Bermudian Sailor" will be first performed ever by Heather and Sebastian TODAY, at 5pm, at the Bermuda Art Centre at Dockyard as part of the Bermuda's Quincentennial celebration. Admission: Free.

I've also heard rumors that "Bermudian Sailor" will be the Japanese bonus track on her next album "Sloop".

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