An Intimate Evening with Heather Nova in Roeselare, March 18th, 2006

Date 2006/3/19 9:38:59 | Topic: An Intimate Evening With Heather Nova

The fifth concert of Heather Nova's Intimate Evening Tour 2006 took place in Roeselare (Belgium). The seated venue De Spil was sold out.

Thanks to a missing Capodastro for Papercup the audience could enjoy an additional song (Doubled Up) in the first set. As of the birthday of sound engineer John, Heather and the audience sang Happy Birthday To You for him.

In sum another superb show with very good sound quality.

Here is the complete setlist:

Set One:

01. Memories Of Martin And Mary (without Heather)
02. Magic Sands (without Heather)
03. Gloomy Sunday
04. You Left Me A Song
05. I Miss My Sky
06. This Body
07. Heal
08. Doubled Up
09. Papercup
10. Mothertongue
11. Motherland
12. Done Drifting
13. Winterblue
14. All I Need

Set Two:

15. Turkish Fantasy (without Heather)
16. Dark Eyes (trad. russian folk song) (without Heather)
17. Poem: the bad blood and the rose (Heather solo)
18. Avalanche (Heather solo)
19. New Love (Heather solo)
20. Storm (Heather solo)
21. Water From Wine
22. Fool For You
23. I'm Alive
24. Walk This World
25. Walking Higher
26. What A Feeling


27. Happy Birthday To You (for John the sound engineer)
28. The Sun Will Always Rise
29. Like A Hurricane

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