An Intimate Evening with Heather Nova in Zurich, March 13th, 2006

Date 2006/3/14 13:50:48 | Topic: An Intimate Evening With Heather Nova

Heather Nova started her Intimate Evening Tour 2006. The first concert was on Monday, March 13th in Zurich (Switzerland).

The concert consisted of two sets, each about 45-55 minutes long, with a 25 minutes break between. Including the encores, the gig lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. Both sets started with two performances of Fiona Pears (violin) accompanied by Ian Tilley (piano). All other songs were performances by Heather Nova (vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, pedals), mostly accompanied by Fiona Pears (violin) and Ian Tilley (piano). There was also a Heather Nova solo acoustic part between.

Heather Nova surprised with a lot of songs supposed to be never played before live. Remarkable was also that she played a song from her first These Walls EP, and two Glow Stars songs. In the second set Heather used a live sampling device for several songs and the poem as well. It was a great and interesting concert which lets Heather's voice appear even more clear and brilliant. Fiona did an excellent job with her little solo parts and her violin additions to Heather's songs and Ian's piano tunes were great as well.

Here is the complete setlist:

Set One:

01. Memories Of Martin And Mary (without Heather)
02. Magic Sands (without Heather)
03. Gloomy Sunday
04. You Left Me A Song
05. I Miss My Sky
06. This Body
07. Heal
08. Papercup
09. Mothertongue
10. Motherland
11. Done Drifting
12. Winterblue
13. All I Need

Set Two:

14. Turkish Fantasy (without Heather)
15. Dark Eyes (trad. russian folk song) (without Heather)
16. Poem: the bad blood and the rose (Heather solo)
17. Avalanche (Heather solo)
18. These Walls (Heather solo)
19. Ear To The Ground (Heather solo)
20. Water From Wine
21. Fool For You
22. I'm Alive
23. Walk This World
24. Walking Higher
25. What A Feeling


26. The Sun Will Always Rise
27. Like A Hurricane

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