Heather Nova Redbird tour 2005 ended

Date 2005/10/25 0:54:09 | Topic: Heather Nova Concert News

From August 20 on, Heather Nova toured through nine European countries and gave in total 27 concerts, from huge festivals like Lowlands in summer to smaller venues in fall. She visited UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Today was the last concert of the Redbird tour 2005. With the Antwerp gig, we close live coverage of the gigs. We hope you enjoyed it. We want to thank all HNN members who visited the gigs, gave additional background information, setlists, and reports and shared photos.

We know that at those gigs, a lot of HNN members met and enjoyed also the time before and after the gigs. Where is a better place for fans to meet than visiting a Heather Nova concert together? We also know that many fans travelled a lot to see Heather Nova and her band once or twice or even more often, taking days off from work. We hope you all had a great holiday and returned safe to your home.

Also we want to thank Heather Nova and her band for this fabolous tour. Her tour band was this time: Berit Fridahl on guitar, Matt Round on bass, Laurie Jenkins on drums and Simon Stafford on keyboards and trombone. Guest musicians were Nadia Lanman on cello and Fiona Pears on violin at the London show. Especially Nadia's short return to the band after a six year break was most memorable. And finally, we want to thank all people around Heather who helped that this tour went so fine.

Heather played approximately 500 songs, she opened the Redbird tour at Pukkelpop festival with Welcome and ended it in Antwerp with Sugar.

About the gigs, you can still visit our Redbird tour discussion board. If you want to thank Heather for the gigs, you can join our Thank you, Heather thread. - You need to register before posting messages. Thanks.

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