Interview with Heather Nova's cellist Nadia Lanman

Date 2005/10/23 17:41:27 | Topic: Website News

The members from and had the chance to ask Heather Nova's long time cellist Nadia Lanman a few days ago some questions.

We are glad that Nadia Lanman answered the questions. In this world-wide first interview with Nadia Lanman ever, she talks about music in general, her work with Heather, about the last five years and the concert with Heather Nova this year in London, where she rejoined the Heather Nova band again for a few songs, and other questions like about her future. For example, she left England to move to another continent. Do you want to know where she went, why she learnt the cello or what she thinks about her fans?

Go to the German Heather Nova fanpage, click on the Heather pic, then on "stories", and click on the article from October 23, 2005.

The interview is in English language and was a cooperation between and

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