Heather Nova live in Oslo, October 19, 2005

Date 2005/10/20 12:38:44 | Topic: Heather Nova Concert News

Oslo, October 19, 2005:

Heather Nova played in Oslo, Norway, at Rockefeller Music Hall.

The setlist was almost the same as in Stockholm and Gothenburg. She just performed Everytime instead of Storm.

The setlist: Redbird / Heart And Shoulder / Maybe An Angel / Just Been Born / Motherland / Walk This World / Fool For You / Mesmerized / I Miss My Sky / All I Need / Singing You Through (acoustic with Berit) / Everytime (acoustic alone) / Papercup / London Rain / Winterblue / Done Drifting / Blue Black / First encore: Welcome / Island / Second encore: Someone New

Thanks to peterk for this information.

Thursday is a day off for Heather and her band, before doing the last four shows of this tour.
Next Heather Nova concert: 2005-10-21 (Friday) - Copenhagen (Denmark) - Amager Bio

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