Heather Nova on Austrian TV

Date 2005/10/15 22:20:10 | Topic: Heather Nova News

On the Austrian tv show "Hosted by Heather Nova" on goTV, Heather's videos Truth And Bone and Welcome are being shown.

The show will be broadcasted:

2005-10-16-su at 16:00 - Hosted by Heather Nova - goTV (Austrian TV)
2005-10-20-th at 22:00 - Hosted by Heather Nova - goTV (Austrian TV)
2005-10-22-sa at 11:00 - Hosted by Heather Nova - goTV (Austrian TV)

Full playlist: http://www.gotv.at/hostedby_detail.php?id=374

goTV is available on Astra satellite digital throughout Europe.

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