Heather Nova on Dutch radio today

Date 2005/10/8 17:33:02 | Topic: Heather Nova News

Heather was going to play a couple of songs and gave a short interview tonight between 18:00-20:00 on the Dutch radio show called 'That's Live' at BNN, at radio 3FM.


You can listen here to it (for the next few days):

http://www.heathernova-info.com/fm3/fm3-part1.mp3 (short part from Welcome)
http://www.heathernova-info.com/fm3/fm3-part2.mp3 (Maybe An Angel, Done Drifting)
http://www.heathernova-info.com/fm3/fm3-part3.mp3 (Question quiz)
http://www.heathernova-info.com/fm3/fm3-part4.mp3 (Caller questions, Motherland, Storm)

The songs were play acousticly, with regular band member Simon Stafford.

Thanks to DutchBert.

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