Heather Nova guitar and dress on ebay

Date 2005/10/6 14:35:43 | Topic: Heather Nova News

On ebay.com, you can now bid on the Heather Nova guitar that Heather held in her arms on the European "South" cover. The dress she wore on that pic is also included in the auction. Both signed by her.

ebay auction link

Description: THIS GUITAR FEATURED ON THE COVER OF HEATHER'S ALBUM 'SOUTH' AND WAS LATER SIGNED BY HEATHER. IT WAS A GUITAR HEATHER WROTE SOME OF HER EARLY MATERIAL ON, BUT IS NO LONGER A GOOD QUALITY PLAYING GUITAR ! IT'S PRETTY WORN OUT, OF MORE USE TO A COLLECTOR THAN A PLAYING MUSICIAN. It's a mexican acoustic currently with 5 of the 6 strings on. As an additional part of this auction, I'm also including the dress Heather wore on the cover of the album 'South'. it has also been signed by her. The reason for the sale of these Items is a clear out of my Studio, and the guitar is no longer a 'players instrument' Items can be collected at any upcoming Heather Nova concert (you can be on the guest list), which may be easier than posting, although Shipping is fine.

Ends Oct-13-05 03:46:56 PDT

Seller: manintheocean

[edit: the item was sold for GBP 831.08]

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