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B. Sloop Foundation : Free your Creative Spirit | Weekend Sail with Heather Nova & Friends
Posted by Bernd on 2013/6/7 21:32:36 (2282 reads)
B. Sloop Foundation

Free Your Creative Spirit onboard "Spirit of Bermuda"!

DATE CHANGE! Saturday, October 12th (9:30 a.m.) - Sunday, October 13th (5:00 p.m.)
Depart and Return to Hamilton
Only $895.00 for this awesome experience. Food & snacks included.

Come join us for a very special weekend onboard "Spirit of Bermuda".

Painter Jacqueline Alma, Singer/songwriter Heather Nova, and Singer/drummer Christina Frith will lead workshops in drawing, creative writing, singing and drumming.

Have fun, relax, unwind and find your inner creative self while spending a weekend onboard the Bermuda Sloop.

For more info about this event, and how to book it, please click here!

edited on 2013-07-04 with date change

B. Sloop Foundation : Heather Nova performs at the arrival of the "Spirit Of Bermuda"
Posted by gerd on 2006/9/19 22:39:00 (2503 reads)
B. Sloop Foundation

The Bermudian style vessel "The Spirit of Bermuda", which was built as a training ship for the Bermudian youth will arrive at its destination Hamilton, Bermuda on September 30th, 2006. The ship's permanent home will be in Dockyard. Bermudians and residents are invited to inspect the ship during an open house at Dockyard on October 1 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

There will be a big celebration in the afternoon of the arrival and the highlight will be the performance by two of Bermuda's premiere entertainers, Heather Nova and Shine Hayward.

Read more about the event on the website of the Bermudian newspaper The Royal Gazette.

Thanks to MiniCooper for this information.

B. Sloop Foundation : Definite Launch Date of The Spirit Of Bermuda
Posted by gerd on 2006/6/16 23:37:39 (2681 reads)
B. Sloop Foundation

The launch date of the Spirit Of Bermuda is now finally settled to August 13th, 2006. It's a sunday. The ceremonies at Rockport Harbour Park in Rockport (Maine) will start at 1.30 pm.

Thanks to Alan Burland from the Bermuda Sloop Foundation for this information.

B. Sloop Foundation : Launch of the Spirit Of Bermuda with Heather Nova UPDATE
Posted by Bernd on 2006/4/27 15:00:43 (2463 reads)
B. Sloop Foundation

The launch of the Spirit Of Bermuda was delayed. Originally it was set at July 15, 2006, at 1:47pm EST (high tide), but now it will take place probably August 12th (not confirmed yet). The event will take place in Bangor, Maine, USA. Heather Nova was planned to be part of the ceremony. It is still unclear, how Heather Nova contributes to that event, and now it has gotten unclear if she has time on the new date set. We wait for more information.

Source: Bermuda Sloop Foundation,

B. Sloop Foundation : Heather Nova performing for the launch of the "Spirit Of Bermuda" in the USA
Posted by gerd on 2006/2/28 20:05:37 (2420 reads)
B. Sloop Foundation

Heather Nova will be playing at the launch of the Spirit of Bermuda in Rockport, Maine/USA, on Saturday, July 15th 2006.

For more information about the Bermuda Sloop project please visit their website

Thanks to chessimprov for the scoop.

B. Sloop Foundation : Together As One CD is sold out !
Posted by gerd on 2006/2/11 1:06:44 (2190 reads)
B. Sloop Foundation

A few days after the official launch of Heather's new Single/CD "Together As One" at the Bermudas, this website, and the german website gathered names of fans who are interested to buy this CD.

In a combined efford we managed to get a package of 200 CD's shipped to germany, among 80 of them signed personally by Heather Nova. Again thank you Heather for your support for the Bermuda Sloop Foundation and signing the CD's for your fans!

All CD's are sold now. Not all are yet shipped, but they will be soon.

All the money we received from the fans for the CD's will go to the Bermuda Sloop Foundation. They will get all the money soon.

All the effords and did in this project is dedicated to this project.

We cannot accept orders anymore now for the CD.

Thank you all who ordered and therefore supported the Bemuda Sloop Foundation!

B. Sloop Foundation : Heather Nova CD "Togehter As One" available in Europe
Posted by gerd on 2006/1/21 16:00:00 (2185 reads)
B. Sloop Foundation

Starting today, Heather Nova's new Single for the Bermuda Sloop Foundation Together As One is available in Europe for her fans. The two websites and managed to get a big package of CD's exclusively shipped from the Bermuda's to Europe. It was a combined order for the fans and we can start now distributing them.

All information about the CD, sound clips, pictures, order information and options can be found in the forums. Go here:

Heather Nova - "Together As One" - Fan Service

Many thanks to Alan Burland from the Bermuda Sloop Foundation and to Heather Nova for making this possible.

B. Sloop Foundation : "Together as One" and "Sail On" Lyrics
Posted by gerd on 2005/12/30 1:15:07 (2193 reads)
B. Sloop Foundation

We are proud to present you the lyrics of Heather Nova's new songs Together As One and Sail On in our Lyrics Section.

As always, the lyrics may differ from the printed ones in the booklet of the CD, as we present you the lyrics how they actually appear in the song!

Thanks to Heather Nova, Alan Burland from the Bermuda Sloop Foundation and Cassander.

B. Sloop Foundation : Heather Nova's New CD: Together As One
Posted by gerd on 2005/12/17 2:13:05 (2533 reads)
B. Sloop Foundation

Heather Nova's new CD "Together As One", released December 1st on Bermuda, consists of two new songs.

The first song Together As One; the 'Spirit of Bermuda' song, written and performed exclusively for the "Bermuda Sloop Foundation", is Heather Nova's moving tribute to the "Spirit of Bermuda", a ship which is a major part of the foundation's mission "bringing home Bermudian character, teamwork and learning". Find out more about the Bermuda Sloop Foundation here.

The second song is Sail On, a poem by Heather's father, sung by Heather.

Here is the content of the CD:

1. Together As One; The "Spirit Of Bermuda" Song (3.34)
2. Sail On (3.30)
3. I Wanna Be Your Light (live performance London 2003) (4.38)
4. Together As One (live performance DVD) recorded aboard Amistad, 14th May 2005 (3.25)

More information will follow soon.

Thanks to Alan and Malcolm for their cooperation!

B. Sloop Foundation : Bermuda Sloop Song
Posted by Bernd on 2005/12/2 23:12:47 (2365 reads)
B. Sloop Foundation

Heather Nova's Bermuda Sloop CD Together As One EP was released and can locally be bought already on Bermuda. We will give information when we hopefully find out how to order it from other parts of the world. Stay tuned.

The CD has three songs.

1. "Together As One", a special song for the Bermuda Sloop Foundation to help them raise funds. This song was earlier titled "Bermuda Sloop Song".

2. "Sail On", a poem written by Ms Nova’s father, John Frith, that Heather Nova put to music.

3. "I Wanna Be Your Light" live from London, previously released on the Union Chapel DVD.

Kwame Harris of Paget Primary and Laurin Davis of Elliot Primary, both of whom are ten years old, were approached to sing part of the chorus. Marcus Smith, who is nine and attends Prospect Primary, also sang in the chorus. Mr. David Roache entered and won the Island wide competition for a local male to sing the harmony on "Together as One".

Some DVD footage with a live performance of Heather Nova (recorded aboard "Amistad" in May 2005) was added.

The CD costs $10 and all proceeds will go the Bermuda Sloop Foundation and ultimately the youth of Bermuda.

We'll keep you updated.

 The Heather Nova Network