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Heather Nova News : Second statement from Heather Nova about fake signatures
Posted by Bernd on 2011/6/30 21:49:35 (2128 reads)
Heather Nova News

Second statement from Heather Nova about the fake signatures, dated from today (June 30):

a personal note from heather about your signed cd

dear friends and fans of my music

by now you will have received a personal letter of apology from my manager, but i would like to again address this very ugly situation of the false signatures that went out on some of the cd/dvds that were ordered on pledge. i cant tell you how sad and sick and angry i feel over the whole thing. my fans are so important to me and integrity has always been my priority both in my personal and professional life, so this has really hit me hard. you and i have both been very let down by this.

what really makes me sad is that i literally spent weeks working on the pledge items - making all the hand painted tshirts, lyric sheets, hand painted cd covers etc, and taking the time to make them all special because it's important to me to give something of high quality. now that this has happened with the cds it has made some people wonder about the authenticity of all of it. let me assure you that every pledge item that was sent out was authentic aside from the group of special edition cds that went out with fake signatures.

what seems to have happened is that although i signed all the cds, by mistake my management had given me too many of the regular cds and not enough of the special edition ones to sign but didnt realize this until they started packing them up to send, after i had left germany. what they should have done at this point of course was to call me and tell me of the problem so that we could have worked out how to get those cds to me to sign. but instead they were worried about missing the deadline and took it upon themselves to sign my name on the extra ones. obviously a very bad choice as it is essentially forgery. they knew i would never have allowed this so they didnt tell me. the first i knew of it was when a fan from the forum sent me a photo of the forged signature. (my management have told me that although they dont know the exact figure, there were in the region of 15-20 of them)

although i had no part in what went on and essentially i was as betrayed as you were, i still feel that because it is so closely attached to my music and my name and it happened under my pledge campaign, i would like to offer all of my fans a gift; i will put together a collection of unreleased demos and send them as an mp3 download to everyone who participated in the pledge campaign. (of course, in addition, my management will be making sure that anyone who received a cd with a fake signature will get a genuinely signed one asap)

i hope this will reset the atmosphere back to one of trust between us. i value your support and your loyalty and i hope that we can leave this incident in the past and focus on the positive - namely, the music.

i would like to add that although this was totally unethical behaviour on the part of my management, they are doing their best to rectify the situation and are very sorry indeed. many of you have asked if i will be firing my management but i will not. i had to look at the big picture and take all things into consideration. sometimes things like this are a wake-up call, and i believe that my management has learned from this and won't ever do anything like it again. at least not on my watch! in this case i felt that to forgive and move on (and make sure the damage was taken care of) was the best action. i hope you will too. in all other areas they are doing a great job.

once again, thank you so very much for your support, and I am deeply sorry for this unfortunate situation.

in good faith

heather nova

ps. if anyone is in any doubt as to the validity of their signed copy please see below. the image above is a fake and the one in silver is my genuine signature. although of course each of mine is not totally identical, you can clearly see there is a huge difference in style. i signed some of the cds in black and some in silver; some on the front cover and some on the back of the booklet. if you received a cd with a fake signature please contact my manager, ulysses, and he will send you a new one that has been genuinely signed by me.

1) FAKE signature
2) GENUINE signature

Heather Nova News : Statement from Halbe Miete Management about the fake signatures
Posted by Bernd on 2011/6/27 18:12:35 (2639 reads)
Heather Nova News

Statement from Ulysses Hόppauff (Halbe Miete Management) about the fake signatures:


Here is an update on various Pledge topics:

During her European promo trip, Heather worked hard for several days signing all the cds and cd/dvds.

When the album was released and Heather flew back to Bermuda, we started to fulfill all pledges and send out the packages.

However – due to some internal chaos, we ran out of Heather's signed cds, and consequently some items went out with the wrong signature. This only affects a few of the Special Edition CDs (nothing else) and the amount of items involved was minimal.

Of course this is still totally unacceptable and I, as the owner of the management company, must take full responsibility for this. Also I want to make it clear that Heather was in no way involved in the problem with the wrong signatures, and knew nothing about it until now. She is understandably very upset as she spent a lot of time making all her pledge items, and wanted them all to be special for her fans.

Therefore, if you think you received one of the CDs with a wrong signature, please contact me directly on:

We have now ordered more CDs and Heather will sign them as soon as she is back in Europe in July. We will be sure to get these out to you as soon as possible so that you receive the original CD in its intended condition.

Apart from the above, all pledges have now been sent out except for the framed artwork and framed poster orders - this is due to some problems with the company providing the frames.

We know that the correct frames will be in very soon, so we can send out these orders ASAP.

In the event that you pledged for extra pieces besides the framed artwork or picture, and you would like to have the smaller items sent separately, again, please contact me directly so I can take care of the shipment.

Alternatively, if you would rather not wait any longer and wish to cancel the pledge for the framed picture we can obviously also arrange this.

Thanks so much for supporting Heather on her new album.

Again, please accept my sincere apologies for the the embarrassing situation with the signed Ltd. Edition CDs.

Best regards, Ulysses

Heather Nova News : Statement from Heather Nova about fake signatures
Posted by Bernd on 2011/6/26 11:48:39 (2354 reads)
Heather Nova News

Some people recently ordered a signed Heather Nova CD or CD/DVD via Pledgemusic, but got an item with a fake signature.

If the signature you got looks like this, it is a genuine Heather Nova signature and it is ok:

If it looks totally different, for example like this (with or without dedication), it is a fake signature:

This is Heather's response about it:

thank you for letting me know about this. i am as horrified as you are to see this, and i cannot understand what has happened. i spent several hours signing all the cds and cd/dvds for the pledge campaign when i was in germany last month. i then handed them over to my management who were organizing the fulfillment. (packaging up and sending)

i agree with you - it is totally unethical, and i promise you i will get to the bottom of how/why this happened and make sure you receive one that has been genuinely signed by myself. i am just wondering where all my signed ones went. it is totally bizarre.

i think you are aware of how much respect and appreciation i have for my fans. i would never jeopardize the loyalty of my fans by authorizing something like this and i'm deeply upset that this has happened in association with my name and my music.

i have put in a call to my manager and am awaiting his reply. hopefully he will be able to shed some light on what has happened and why.

my sincere apologies, on behalf of whomever is responsible, that you were treated in this way.

kind regards

heather nova

Heather Nova News : Official Heather Nova website relaunched
Posted by Bernd on 2011/6/10 22:21:43 (1869 reads)
Heather Nova News

Please check out the relaunched website, Heather Nova's offical website! It contains news, a bio, a discography, tour info, media files, images, and has a shop.

Heather Nova News : Heather Nova interview on Faceculture
Posted by Bernd on 2011/6/9 22:42:33 (1939 reads)
Heather Nova News

A very interesting and personal interview with Heather Nova (21 minutes), made by Faceculture, about the new album and her biography, can be watched here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Thanks to schwinn!

Heather Nova News : Heather Nova on Austrian music channel GOTV
Posted by Bernd on 2011/5/19 7:30:00 (1934 reads)
Heather Nova News

"Hosted by" is a series on the Austrian music TV channel GOTV. Heather Nova will present songs of her choice and talks about the new album.

Heather's hour will be shown:
Sunday, May 29, 11h
Friday, June 3, 21h
Saturday, June 4, 16h
Times are European daylight saving time.

The playlist will be:

Heather Nova-Walk This World
Bob Marley-Could You Be Loved
Air-All I Need
Antony And The Johnsons-Hope There's Someone
Bjφrk-Human Behaviour
Massive Attack-Unfinished Sympathy
David Bowie-Heroes
Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit
Peter Gabriel-Don't Give Up
OK Go-Here It Goes Again
Eskobar ft. Heather Nova-Someone New
Heather Nova-Higher Ground

Many thanks to Sabine for this information!

Heather Nova News : Heather Nova on DLF Music compilation
Posted by Bernd on 2011/4/14 22:10:00 (1856 reads)
Heather Nova News

On Pledge Music, you can currently buy a music download compilation for $18, including 17 exclusive tracks from the following artists:
Arrested Development, Au Revoir Simone, Ben Folds, Peter Gabriel, Mary Hopkin, Moby, Maroon 5, Neon Trees, Ozomatli, Heather Nova, Iggy Pop, Carmen Rizzo, Salman Ahmad, Slightly Stoopid, Dave Stewart, Andy Summers and Tom Waits.

For more information go to:

And this is what Heather says about it:

Meanwhile i wanted to tell you about another project - i have donated a track (live acoustic version of "doubled up") to the David Lynch Foundation Music project.

All Profits Will Support their mission To Teach One Million At-risk Youth to Meditate, dramatically reducing the traumatic stress in their lives and transforming violent, stress-filled schools into places of peace, coherence, and creativity.

This is a cause close to my heart and i am excited to be a part of this project.

Check out more at

Heather Nova News : Message from Heather Nova
Posted by Bernd on 2010/8/25 12:00:00 (2420 reads)
Heather Nova News


Hi Everyone,

i've got some good news - I have just spent the last couple of months recording my new album. it's a full band album and we did it at home with solar power and lots of dips in the ocean in between takes, as it was 85 degrees with 100 percent humidity! sounding great though it's not mixed yet. i will keep you posted as to release dates etc.

You may have seen my tour dates online:

01.10 @ CC, Hasselt
02.10 @ Theater de Veste, Delft
03.10 @ De Oosterpoort, Groningen
04.10 @ Theater de Spiegel, Zwolle
05.10 @ Theater a/d Parade, Den Bosch
06.10 @ Theater de Vest, Alkmaar
08.10 @ Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen
09.10 @ Stadsschouwburg Njimegen, Njimegen
10.10 @ Muziekcentrum Frits Phillips, Eindhoven
11.10 @ Chasse Theater, Breda
12.10 @ Het Depot, Leuven
14.10 @ Theater a/h Vrijthof, Maastricht
15.10 @ Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden, Leiden
16.10 @ Handelbeurs, Gent
17.10 @ De Spil, Roeselare
19.10 @ Stadsschouwburg, Middelburg

This next group of shows have special VIP tickets as well as regular tickes available.Details below

Wed, 20.10.10 CH – Bern – Bierhuebli
Thu, 21.10.10 CH – Basel – Volkshaus
Fri, 22.10.10 CH – Herisau – Casino Herisau
Sat, 23.10.10 DE – Erlangen – Markgrafentheater
Mon, 25.10.10 DE – Freiburg – Jazzhaus
Tue, 26.10.10 DE – Tόbingen – Sudhaus
Thu, 28.10.10 DE – Mainz – Frankfurter Hof
Fri, 29.10.10 DE – Wuppertal – Rex Theater (moved to: Historische Stadthalle edit: 01.10.10)
Sat, 30.10.10 FR – Paris – Cafe de la Danse

Buy pre-sale tickets and for more information about the VIP tickets that include a meet and greet with me ! :

All the October concerts will be my "Special Acoustic evening", as I enjoyed it so much last year (and it seemed you did too!) and was asked to come back and play some different cities this time. the multi talented Arnulf Lindner will be joining me again onstage, and i am excited to have 2 very promising Bermudian artists opening for me - Taylor Rankin on the first half of the tour, and Joy T Barnum on the second half. they are both dynamic and original artists that i am sure you will enjoy. i will be playing old and new songs, including some sneak previews from the upcoming album.

All the shows will be recorded and for sale online the next day as high-quality .mp3 files so you can have a souvenir of the show . (You can pay for the mp3 on the night of the show if you don't do Paypal)


You may also have noticed I am now on facebook , twitter, myspace, flickr and Youtube, (phew!) so come to for the links and say hi! for the most personal communications sign up to my twitter page as that's the one i use on a day to day basis.

Also, there's a free iphone app if you want to check it out for download here:

download iphone app

hope to see you at the shows!



Heather Nova News : News Update
Posted by Bernd on 2010/7/22 17:00:00 (2190 reads)
Heather Nova News

News update:

- Heather did recently some photo shooting with Sacha Blackburne, who already did the artwork for Heather's last album The Jasmine Flower.

- The October concerts will be recorded and documented by videographer Alia Hamza.

- During the first half of the October tour, local Bermudian Taylor Rankin will be the opening act. He opened already for Heather in Copenhagen 2009, and they did "I Miss My Sky" together there. During the second half of the October tour, local Bermudians Joy T. Barnum and Michael McPhee (from "The Channel") will open for Heather.

Sources: Heather Nova on Twitter; The Royal Gazette.

Heather Nova News : News update
Posted by Bernd on 2010/7/8 16:12:53 (1997 reads)
Heather Nova News

News update:

- Heather has celebrated her birthday in London at rehearsals. We wish Heather a great year, with fall tour and album plans.

- Reminder: this weekend, there are three Heather Nova concerts!

Fri, 09.07.10 DE - Haldern – Tent / Town Square
Sat, 10.07.10 NL – Boshoven – Bospop Festival
Sun, 11.07.10 BE – Liege – Festival de Liege

All concerts are with full band, that is with Berit Fridahl, Arnulf Lindner, and Geoff Dugmore. See you there!

Heather Nova News : Heather Nova Twitter updates
Posted by Bernd on 2010/6/1 7:10:00 (2255 reads)
Heather Nova News

Twitter updates:

- The summer tour will be with full band.
- The fall tour will be with Arnulf Lindner again.
- "Phase one" of the studio recordings for the new album is finished.
- The new album will be released "hopefully early next year".

Source: Twitter

Heather Nova News : Ask Heather Nova a Question!
Posted by Bernd on 2010/1/26 15:51:13 (3590 reads)
Heather Nova News

Ask Heather a Question!

This is an official thread initiated by Heather and Felix: "We want to let people ask Heather a question, any question. Heather will answer the most interesting ones in some video clips that will be put up on Youtube."

We will add the answers here as well, as we can embed Yoytube videos in postings.

So post your questions to Heather here in this thread! (You need to register.)

Heather Nova News : Official Heather Nova iPhone app available
Posted by Bernd on 2010/1/17 23:07:26 (2279 reads)
Heather Nova News

The official Heather Nova app for iPhones is available now!

The rich features and unique content in this app include:
- watch the latest videos
- browse photos
- sample their latest music
- read blog posts and the latest news
- engage with other fans across Facebook and iLike
- post concert photos directly from your iPhone to the fan community
- get regular bulletin updates

Download here for free:

Heather Nova News : HNN birthday +++ New Heather Nova remix
Posted by Bernd on 2010/1/1 18:53:46 (1939 reads)
Heather Nova News

Happy New Year to anyone!

Today marks the 5th birthday of Heather Nova Network, the official Heather Nova forum!

And today Heather has released a new version of "Every Solider Is A Mother's Son". It is called "Nobel Peace Remix" (with changed lyrics) and is available as a "free mp3 download" here:

Mentioned by Heather on Twitter; and thanks to MiniCooper for providing additional information

Heather Nova News : Heather Nova Christmas Gifts 2009
Posted by gerd on 2009/12/3 21:00:00 (2133 reads)
Heather Nova News

Christmas is coming,
so to celebrate with music I am giving away 250 copies of my latest album "The Jasmine Flower" for the first 250 people who sign up to my mailing list. If you don't make it in time I'll still send you some music so head to

peace and light , Heather x

Details on how to participate can be found on

Heather Nova News : Heather Nova on Dutch TV
Posted by Bernd on 2009/11/9 15:50:00 (1924 reads)
Heather Nova News

A few days ago, Heather Nova was invited to Dutch TV channel "Het Gesprek" for a talk and where she was able to present her favorite videos from the "2 Meter Sessies" archive. Additionally, Heather Nova performed "Ride" and "Maybe Tomorrow". The show was broadcast Saturday evening, November 7.

Here you can watch a stream: (42 minutes)

Heather Nova News : is now the official Heather Nova forum!
Posted by gerd on 2009/9/24 0:43:30 (1965 reads)
Heather Nova News

On September 19th 2009 at 19:17:02 MESZ Heather Nova declared HNN ( to be the official Heather Nova forum!

So this is the place to be now, to talk everything about Heather Nova!

Looking into the history, (HNN) was born about 7+ years ago as by founder Tim Dotson and was the biggest international Heather Nova forum for years already. After something 200000+ postings, it got destroyed by a serious internet attack. was relaunched then on January 1st 2005 by Tim as a new Heather Nova portal, providing much more than a forum. Lyrics, a Biography, Tabs, Tour Dates, Setlists and other Heather Nova related information were added by dedicated fans as well.
In August 2005 the website was taking over by me, Gerd, to continue this nice and cosy community, which i was joining for years already. With more then 100000 postings in the recent 4 years and nearly 5 million views after the relaunch is a strong an active community. A big thank you goes to all admins for their work and dedication and to all Heather Nova fans visiting us and joining the Heather Nova community.

And finally thanks so much to Heather, to make this community to her official forum!

Heather Nova News : New Heather Nova activities at the Internet
Posted by gerd on 2009/9/22 22:00:00 (1822 reads)
Heather Nova News

Heather Nova has started some new activities at the Internet on several platforms recently.

You can read her official messages now on Twitter or even add her tweets there as RSS feed. The Twitter URL to read her news is:

To sign in for the RSS feed click:

Heather Nova has an official iLike page now as well. The URL is:

And finally Heather has started a youtube channel:

A big thank you to Felix for this information!

Heather Nova News : Heather Nova's Birthday, July 6th 2009
Posted by gerd on 2009/7/6 6:00:00 (2219 reads)
Heather Nova News

Today, July 6th 2009 is Heather Nova's Birthday!

There is a birthday thread in our forums for all the wishes and congratulations to her:

+++ Happy Birthday, Heather! +++

You need to have an account to post in this forum.

Heather Nova News : Always Christmas Video on WWW
Posted by gerd on 2008/12/1 22:00:00 (2135 reads)
Heather Nova News

The new Heather Nova video Always Christmas is now available at the Internet. The song is taken from Heather Nova's recent album The Jasmine Flower. You can watch the video in two different resolutions, even in High Definition video quality. The video is made by Scott Jaeger in Amsterdam. The concert parts of this video were recorded at the gig in Amsterdam's Paradiso on October 26th 2008.

Always Christmas Video (HD-Quality)

Always Christmas Video (Normal Quality)

Heather Nova News : Heather Nova's Birthday, July 6th 2008
Posted by gerd on 2008/7/6 6:00:00 (2373 reads)
Heather Nova News

Today, July 6th 2008 is Heather Nova's Birthday!

We opened a special birthday thread for all the wishes and congratulations to her:

+++ Happy Birthday, Heather! +++

You need to have an account to post in this forum.

Heather Nova News : Divart'08 and Picnic in the Park
Posted by Bernd on 2008/5/18 18:29:22 (2083 reads)
Heather Nova News

Some of Heather Nova's recent activities:

On May 3rd, the Elliot Gallery in Devonshire, Bermuda, featured "Divart '08", an auction of original art donated by 28 female Bermudian artists, including Heather Nova. This event was a fundraiser for the "Women's Resource Centre" (

On May 15th, the International Day of the family, Heather Nova participated in a "Picnic in the Park" event in Victoria Park, Bermuda. The event was held by "The Family Centre" ( and included a tree planting, a magic show, and a cameo appearance by Heather Nova and other artists.

Sources: and

Also, it's time to give you an overview about all known Heather Nova tour dates in 2008. Tickets are already on sale for all concerts.

Monday, October 13, Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK
Tuesday, October 14, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
Wednesday, October 15, Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, Germany
Thursday, October 16, Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany
Saturday, October 18, Den Atelier, Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg
Monday, October 20, Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland
Tuesday, October 21, Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
Wednesday, October 22, Theaterhaus, Stuttgart, Germany
Friday, October 24, E-Werk, Cologne, Germany
Saturday, October 25, Oosterpoort, Groningen, The Netherlands
Sunday, October 26, Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Monday, October 27, Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Heather Nova News : Open Magazine Interview with Heather Nova
Posted by gerd on 2008/2/11 2:08:17 (2169 reads)
Heather Nova News

We are happy to present you an Interview with Heather Nova from the swiss Open Magazine which happened in autumn 2007. The interview is part of the recent Open magazine, available in french and german version, released in November 2007. You can read the Interview here in the original english version:

Interview from the swiss Open magazine

Thanks so much to Sanja Vidackovic for making it possible!

Heather Nova News : Bring The Elephant HOME
Posted by Bernd on 2008/2/2 15:25:22 (2232 reads)
Heather Nova News

Since two and a half years, Heather Nova is an ambassador for the "Bring The Elephant HOME" ( project, a Dutch foundation which tries to help the elephants of Thailand, to get them from the streets and back to jungle again. Antoinette van de Water is the founder of this project. There is now a documentation about Antoinette and her project on Dutch TV:

"Aanpakken & wegwezen"
Saturday, February 2, 21:36, Nederland 3 (first broadcast)
Saturday, February 16, 14:50, Nederland 2 (re-broadcast)

You can also watch this documentation here: or

Thanks to Isle and Dunsinane for this information!

Heather Nova News : New Years Message from Heather Nova
Posted by gerd on 2008/1/1 21:10:00 (2822 reads)
Heather Nova News

There is a New Years message from Heather Nova on her myspace website


this morning i went out and built a teepee in the dirt for my son's playmobil toys. the sun was shining. i have a stinking cough and feel awful, but the light coming through the trees spoke of good things in store. for all of us. oh, and i have a bag full of songs waiting to be let out. it's gonna happen this year.
love to you all

(source: )

Heather Nova News : New Heather Nova Song
Posted by gerd on 2007/12/5 0:27:26 (2753 reads)
Heather Nova News

There is a new Heather Nova song now available, called Higher Ground. You can even download it as mp3! What a very nice present from Heather at the end of the year to all her fans! Please go to the website of the swiss 7Sky magazine:

For the direct link go here:

[edit Bernd, December 10: Contrary to earlier news, please note that with the 7Sky magazine no. 69 there is no CD with the song "Higher Ground" included! Included is only a cover for the CD, but not the CD itself! For "getting" the CD, you have to download the mp3 songs from the 7Sky website and to burn the CD yourself! ]

Thanks so much to Heather Nova for the information!

Heather Nova News : Interview with Heather Nova at Bermuda, June 9th, 2007
Posted by gerd on 2007/7/31 23:19:00 (2328 reads)
Heather Nova News

On June 9th, 2007 Heather Nova played her only gig for this year in her home country, Bermuda. I had the opportunity to do an interview with her after the concert in the Aboretum Park near Hamilton.

Heather tells about her current activities, like writing songs, doing paintings, lots of arts, plans for new albums and touring in the USA as well as about Bermuda. Heather plans to release a new live album already this year from the "An Intimate Evening with Heather Nova" tour in 2006.

You can find the complete interview with Heather Nova and the discussion about it in our forums:

Interview with Heather Nova at Bermuda, June 9th, 2007


A big big Thank You to Heather Nova for the open interview and the permission to put it online. thank you!

Heather Nova News : Heather Nova's Birthday, July 6th 2007
Posted by gerd on 2007/7/6 5:01:00 (3802 reads)
Heather Nova News

Today, July 6th 2007 is Heather Nova's Birthday!

We opened a special birthday thread for all the wishes and congratulations to her: Click here

Heather Nova News : Two More Songs from Heather Nova and ATB
Posted by Cassander on 2007/3/28 18:42:01 (2718 reads)
Heather Nova News

Heather Nova's official site has a message from her about her recent collaboration with ATB. She has co-written three songs with ATB: Renegade, Stars Come Out, and Made of Glass. All three will appear on ATB's upcoming album, Trilogy, available for pre-order on

Trilogy (1-CD edition)
Trilogy (2-CD limited edition)

EDIT: Heather Nova has not only co-written these three songs, she also does sing on them!

Heather Nova News : New CD Single: ATB featuring Heather Nova - Renegade
Posted by gerd on 2007/3/20 23:46:08 (2504 reads)
Heather Nova News

The new ATB single Renegade featuring Heather Nova can now be preordered at
The CD single costs just 6,99 Euro and you might receive it starting April 13th, which is the official released date.

The cover of the CD-Single will be the same as we announced already.

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