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Heather Nova Album News : Heather Nova: release of album "Pearl" soon, single, video, VIP packages, tickets
Posted by Bernd on 2019/4/12 13:00:19 (75 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova writes:

Super excited to announce the release date of my new album “Pearl” is June 28th! I can’t wait to bring it out into the world and share it with you. I’m so happy with how it came out. It’s 11 songs long. (single vinyl after all, so all of you who paid for double vinyl will be reimbursed the difference) And absolutely no fillers! First single and video will be released May 3rd!
Also: VIP packages, tickets and bundles are now on sale for the tour! Lots of options!
Have a look here:

Source: Heather Nova on Facebook

Heather Nova Album News : New album Pearl coming next Spring!
 Posted by Bernd on 2018/11/23 21:06:32 (323 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Hi Everyone!

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm going into the studio today to begin recording the songs for my new album 'Pearl', which is due to come out in Spring 2019! I’m so excited to get in there with a fantastic selection of musicians to bring all my new songs to life. Can’t wait to share them with you!!

For this album I'm doing a preorder campaign, where you can get some very special items, ranging from music to paintings, handwritten lyric-sheets, to outfits I've worn on stage. You can even get your name in the credits, or request your own personal song written by me! You can find all these exclusive items and experiences on my preorder page:

"Pearl" will be in the same vein as "Oyster" and "Siren": it will have that great mix of both rock and fragile songs. And lots of cello too! I figured that a Pearl is what forms inside an Oyster after all those years, right? ;-)

For a glimpse of what the pre-order campaign is about, please watch the video below. And stay tuned for lots of updates from the studio!

Lots of love,
Heather xx


Follow Heather Nova online:

Heather Nova Album News : Oyster (Limited Coloured Vinyl) will be released on October 13, 2017
Posted by Bernd on 2017/9/25 22:25:00 (1502 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Universal Music Germany will release on its label "Mercury" on October 13, right before the tour,
a double vinyl Oyster (Limited Coloured Vinyl, orange/green, transparent).

Sample offers:

Heather Nova Album News : Release of Heather Nova album "The Way It Feels" in USA
Posted by Bernd on 2016/3/25 12:20:14 (1453 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Today, the Heather Nova album "The Way It Feels" was released in USA on physical CD.

You can order it here, for example: Amazon US

In five days, the Heather Nova US/Canada tour will start!

Update: Unfortunately no bonus tracks on this physical CD. added 2016-04-06

Heather Nova Album News : New Heather Nova video, physical release of new album in North America
Posted by Bernd on 2016/3/11 20:28:19 (1566 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

My new video* premieres today on Popmatters Click
Thanks to my very talented friend Sacha Blackburne for shooting this for me!

Also i'm pleased to announce the album** will now have a proper release with distribution label ILS in N. America. That means there will be physical copies in stores!
But you can also pre-order from iTunes today for release on March 25th. xx Click


Source: Facebook

Added by HNN:
* The video is for the song "Girl On The Mountain"
** The album is called "The Way It Feels"

Heather Nova Album News : New Heather Nova single
Posted by Bernd on 2015/10/11 21:28:13 (1120 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova's new single "Lie Down In The Bed You've Made" is out since October 9, 2015. It does also contain the "Whistle Back remix" of "Lie Down".

You can buy this download-only single on iTunes.

There is a lyric video for "Lie Down In The Bed You've Made" now on Youtube.

Heather Nova Album News : Today: Heather Nova's ninth album "The Way It Feels"
Posted by Bernd on 2015/5/29 9:57:43 (1162 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Today is the release date of Heather Nova's ninth album "The Way It Feels"!

The tracklist:

1. Treehouse
2. Sea Glass
3. The Archaeologist
4. Girl On The Mountain
5. Lie Down In The Bed You've Made
6. On My Radar
7. Sleeping Dogs
8. Sea Change
9. This Humanness
10. I'm Air
11. Women's Hands
12. Moon River Days

Amazon bonus track: Earth Is My Heaven
iTunes bonus track: Serengeti

The bonus tracks may vary from country to country a bit. For example on Dutch iTunes, both songs are bonus tracks.

Heather Nova about the album: "Pleased and grateful to announce the release of my newest album “The Way it Feels” today! It’s the process of making an album that I love - from the first inception of the songs to the recording process, to the mixing, to the artwork - I love the journey. And now the release - letting it go out into the world to hopefully find a home in the hearts of many, or even a few. I’m always grateful for this opportunity to connect through music. It feels kind of magical to me, like I’m just part of something bigger. Happy to be a part of it. I love getting feedback, so let me know which songs you like the most and what they mean to you. I hope most of all that it makes you feel good! Thanks again to all who supported its making through PledgeMusic, and to my management team who has been amazing. It’s available on iTunes in Europe and the UK, as well as physical cds from Amazon in those territories too. Available through North American platforms in about a month. Meanwhile, from next week you’ll be able to buy physical copies or mp3 downloads directly from my website, with only the shipping added on, so no need to pay import prices in the US.
Love, Heather"

Get 'The Way It Feels' here:

Heather Nova Album News : New Song "Earth Is My Heaven"
Posted by gerd on 2015/5/19 22:40:00 (1531 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather released a new Song "Earth is my Heaven" to Amazon and Pledgers. The Song will be available on Amazon exclusivly besides the Pledgers.

"Hi Dear Pledgers

I wanted to send you this exclusive track that nearly made the album but that I took off at the last minute as it felt like a complete piece of art a little shorter and with just the tracks i selected. Hard thing to explain but anyway…. this track will be available only on Amazon as a bonus track, but because you have been so lovely and have made this all happen I want to give it to you. It’s called Earth is My Heaven. I hope you enjoy it!

Love and thanks

Heather Nova Album News : Two more Heather songs from the new album!
Posted by Bernd on 2015/5/15 17:42:58 (1142 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Apart from "Sea Glass", which is available since April, the two songs "Girl On The Mountain" and "Sleeping Dogs" from the upcoming Heather Nova album "The Way It Feels" are available since today on German Amazon and iTunes!

Heather Nova Album News : Some smaller Heather Nova news
Posted by Bernd on 2015/4/17 12:47:51 (1063 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Some smaller Heather Nova news

- Heather Nova played at the Zermatt Unplugged Festival in Switzerland on April 15. She was accompanied by Arnulf Lindner, and also for some songs by violinist Taylor Rankin, who is also from Bermuda. During this concert, Heather performed for the first time her new songs "Lie Down In The Bed You've Made" and her single "Sea Glass". From the new songs, also "The Archaeologist" was presented, with Arnulf Lindner on piano and Heather Nova for the first time ever on banjo!

- The song "Sea Glass" is available now not only in some iTunes stores, but also on some Amazon websites.

- On Amazon, "Earth Is My Heaven" is the bonus track for her new album, not "Serengeti" like on iTunes.

- You can listen to 30-second previews of all songs from "The Way It Feels" on

Thanks to Cassander!

Heather Nova Album News : First single "Sea Glass" from new Heather Nova album
Posted by Bernd on 2015/4/10 21:36:52 (1297 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

"Sea Glass" will be the first (download) single from Heather Nova's new album "The Way It Feels"!

In Germany, the song "Sea Glass" can already be bought on iTunes. You can also preorder "The Way It Feels" there, including the bonus track "Serengeti". If you live in some other country, please check by yourself if "Sea Glass" is available in your iTunes store already.

Additionally, you can listen to "Sea Glass" in full (with video lyrics) on Youtube. The cover picture of "Sea Glass" can be found on MTV Music.

For background info about Bermudian Sea Glass, you can click here and here (both links go to the "Sea Glass Journal").

Heather Nova Album News : New Heather Nova album called "The Way It Feels"!
Posted by Bernd on 2015/3/19 19:20:55 (1173 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

The new Heather Nova album is called "The Way It Feels"!

It will be released in Germany on May 29, 2015 by Embassy Of Music in distribution of Warner Music. International release day is probably June 1, 2015.

The tracklist:

1. Treehouse
2. Sea Glass
3. The Archaeologist
4. Girl On The Mountain
5. Lie Down In The Bed You've Made
6. On My Radar
7. Sleeping Dogs
8. Sea Change
9. This Humanness
10. I'm Air
11. Women's Hands
12. Moon River Days

The songs Treehouse, The Archaeologist, Sleeping Dogs, Sea Change, and Moon River Days were already presented on the 2014 winter tour. It seems like the song Serengeti, who premiered last year, too, didn't make it on the album.

Here you can see the album cover: Link

According to the press release, the album "is embued with an atmosphere that feels both natural and yet somehow otherworldly. There are echos of Americana, a bit of dark folk – a banjo and some pedal steel here and there - but it still feels very much like a Heather album with her distinctive vocals and great songwriting at its core."

There will be a showcase at Admiralspalast, Berlin, Germany on April 20, 2015.

A tour is planned for October and November 2015.

Thanks to Ride and Cassander!

Heather Nova Album News : News about upcoming Heather Nova album!
Posted by Bernd on 2015/2/24 19:48:08 (1021 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

There are some news about the upcoming Heather Nova album!

- the release date has been put back till May 29th
- the record will also get into shops and not just be sold digitally

Other news including some artwork info and the new album title are so far to pledgers only:

If you haven't yet, you have still five days to pledge on the new album!

Heather Nova Album News : Heather Nova launching Pledge campaign for new album 2015!
Posted by Bernd on 2014/9/4 21:30:57 (1139 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova is launching a Pledge campaign called "New Album 2015"!

From today on, you can pledge on many items from CD, over signed press photo, handwritten lyric sheet, charcoal drawings, top and jeans she wore, to a concert in your living room!

Here is the website for her Pledge campaign:

Heather Nova Album News : Release of The Jasmine Flower
Posted by gerd on 2008/10/10 11:00:00 (2695 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Today, October 10th 2008 is the release date of Heather Nova's new album The Jasmine Flower. The new album is available in stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
According to a note on Heather's myspace website, it will be available in France shortly afterwards and in the UK from Amazon.

The album is as well available as high-quality MP3 (192kBit/s) download on the newly designed official artist page It comes with a 12 page booklet as PDF format.

The german ITunes store offers along with the album the additional live track "All I Need" from the Intimate Evening with Heather Nova concert in Groningen 2006.

Heather Nova Album News : 19 minutes with you - heather talks about 'The Jasmine Flower'
Posted by gerd on 2008/10/6 1:40:00 (1966 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Here is a brand new exclusive interview with Heather Nova about the new album 'The Jasmine Flower'. Enjoy!

19 minutes with you - heather talks about 'The Jasmine Flower'

On Monday the 6th of October 2008 there will be another song available from The Jasmine Flower to listen to on Heather Nova's myspace website

A big thank you to Felix for providing this interview and the information.

Heather Nova Album News : Availability of The Jasmine Flower
Posted by gerd on 2008/10/3 8:48:57 (1664 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

This is a message from Heather Nova from her myspace website about the availability of the new album:

Hi Friends

just to let you know I put a track from my new album, "The Jasmine Flower" up on myspace for you to hear. It's called "Ride". Enjoy..... more to come!

The album will be in shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland on the 10th of October. In France shortly afterwards, in the UK from Amazon and Worldwide on iTunes and other download sites. CDs will also be available at the shows in October, and directly from

See you there!


Heather Nova Album News : Update: The Jasmine Flower Album
Posted by gerd on 2008/9/28 1:30:00 (3451 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

The new Heather Nova album The Jasmine Flower will finally be released in germany as a twelve track album. The song "Always Christmas" was added to the original tracklist.

The first track of the "The Jasmine Flower" album - "Ride" - and track number 12 "Always Christmas" were made available online to radio stations as electronical promotion single.

You can listen to the complete first song "Ride" of the new album on Heather Nova's myspace website:

The german physical album release of The Jasmine Flower will not contain a bonus CD as mentioned in one of the previous news. This bonus CD will be released as separat album in spring 2009 and will be a live recording of the concert Groningen, from March 19th 2006, which was part of the Intimate Evening Tour with Heather Nova.

Some online stores, like iTunes and will provide additional songs to "The Jasmine Flower" from this concert to promote the album. iTunes will have "All I need" and will have "fool for you" added to their online distribution. The songs "you left me a song" and "this body" will be available as well on most online stores.

The CD booklet of the new album will include the lyrics of the songs.

many thanks to SonyBMG Germany for this information

Heather Nova Album News : New Heather Nova Studio Album and Bonus Live Album
Posted by gerd on 2008/9/8 7:16:02 (2295 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Hello Friends

I have some good news – on October 10th I will be releasing an album of all new material, called “The Jasmine Flower” .

I played around a lot over the last 2 years with different sounds and ideas, but in the end I decided I wanted to make my most stark record to date, so I recorded the songs just me and my guitar. Afterwards we added a string quartet to a few tracks.

I have a home studio here in Bermuda, but when I was ready to put down the tracks, the whole thing started breaking down – first the mixing desk then the computer itself died. I was very “in the zone” to record and didn’t want to wait what could be weeks for all new gear to arrive, so I decided it was a lesson in simplicity– I realized I could still record and mix the album on my solar powered laptop. So there you have it – that’s all you need to make a great sounding album. Sun and songs.

I think the songs must be good, because most of them make me feel pretty uncomfortable, which is a sign that I have plumbed the depths and dug for truth, no matter how unsettling.
I will also be including a bonus cd - a concert recording from my last tour.

I hope you enjoy the album, and I hope to see you on tour.

Here is the track listing


Here are my tour dates..

Oct 13 - Sheperd’s Bush Empire - London, United Kingdom 

Oct 14 - Ancienne Belgique - Bruxelles, Belgium 

Oct 15 - Grosse Freiheit - Hamburg, Germany 

Oct 16 - Columbiahalle - Berlin, Germany 

Oct 18 - Den Atelier - Luxembourg, Luxembourg 

Oct 19 - Gasometer - Vienna, Austria 

Oct 20 - Volkshaus - Zurich, Switzerland 

Oct 21 - Muffathalle - Munich, Germany 

Oct 22 - Theaterhaus - Stuttgart, Germany 

Oct 24 - E-Werk - Koln, Germany 

Oct 25 - Oosterport - Groningen, Netherlands 

Oct 26 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Oct 27 - Effenaar - Eindhoven, Netherlands
Oct 28 - Elysee-Montmartre - Paris, France


(This is an original message from Heather Nova to be released on HNN. Thanks so much Heather!)

Heather Nova Album News : New Heather Nova studio album in October 2008!
Posted by Bernd on 2008/9/5 13:10:00 (1983 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

According to SonyBMG, Heather Nova will release on October 10, 2008, a new studio album with 12 songs!

The album title is "The Jasmine Flower". The working title for the album was "Dark Horse Heart". In some German online stores, you can already pre-order the new album, but you may search after the working title to find the album.

The track listing:
1. Ride
2. Beautiful Storm
3. Maybe Tomorrow
4. Out On A Limb
5. Every Soldier Is A Mother's Son
6. Out In New Mexico
7. Looking For The Light
8. Hollow
9. If I Should Die
10. Say Something
11. Follow Me In Grace
12. Always Christmas

There is no information yet what happened with the "best-of" release that was planned to release this fall.

Three days after the release of "The Jasmine Flower", Heather Nova starts her European tour, with playing in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in October 2008 (see "Tour Dates").

(Thanks to Heinz from!)

Heather Nova Album News : Album Release: ATB - Trilogy (featuring Heather Nova)
Posted by gerd on 2007/4/27 19:17:00 (2607 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

The new ATB album Trilogy is now released in Germany. Heather Nova has cowritten three songs on it and is singing on all three songs as well.

The tracks with Heather Nova on Trilogy are:

03. Renegade (05:36)
05. Stars Come Out (03:27)
07. Made Of Glass (04:18)

The album version of Renegade differs from the already released 3 versions on the CD Single.

Heather Nova Album News : CD-Single Release: ATB with Heather Nova: Renegade
Posted by gerd on 2007/4/13 18:30:00 (3844 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Today the CD-Single Renegade by ATB with Heather Nova was released.

The CD-Single features 3 tracks and a video.

The tracklist is:

1. Renegade - Airplay Mix (03:56)
2. Renegade - A&T Mix (10:15)
3. Renegade - Ronski Speed Remix (06:26)

Renegade - The Video (in size 352x288 pixels) (03:59)

The Renegade Video was shot in Buenos Airos with Heather Nova and ATB on March 10th as already reported. The cover is the same we already posted:

Heather Nova Album News : New Heather Nova album recorded probably next summer
Posted by Bernd on 2006/11/16 16:45:29 (2383 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova is currently writing songs for the new album and she hopes to record next summer.

Besides, she will sing on sunday, November 19, in the afternoon at the free "family day" of the "Save The Gardens" campaign in the Botanical Gardens of Bermuda. There had been plans to built a hospital in the Botanical Gardens, and Heather Nova protested against the plans, because parts of the gardens had to be destroyed. In the meanwhile, the plans were delayed. Heather Nova will sing approximately 20 minutes.


Heather Nova Album News : New Heather Nova Albums
Posted by gerd on 2006/8/8 21:40:13 (2340 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova is writing songs for her new album! There is no album release date planned yet.

Besides that, there are considerations to release an album with all her unreleased recorded tracks. Among them probably "When/If The Music Stops", which was recorded for Redbird, but finally didn't make it on the album.

many thanks to heather for this information

Heather Nova Album News : Heather Nova's album Redbird released in UK
Posted by Bernd on 2005/10/3 12:09:39 (2081 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova's new album "Redbird" was released today in UK.

Redbird on Amazon UK

Heather Nova Album News : Second single off "Redbird" revealed
Posted by gerd on 2005/9/21 19:45:42 (1979 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova's second single from Redbird will be Motherland !
This will be again a single you cannot buy! It will be aired on the radio.

source: SonyBMG

Heather Nova Album News : Another release date for Redbird
Posted by Bernd on 2005/9/16 22:08:44 (2022 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova's album Redbird, already released in some European countries, will be released in the UK on October 3rd.


Heather Nova Album News : Redbird released in France
Posted by Ben on 2005/9/6 14:27:26 (2204 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Today, September 6th, marks the release of Redbird in France. As reported earlier, it is a digipak, with the same tracklisting as the other versions that are already available. It also features the same track times mistakes. The Welcome single cover is used behind the disc tray. The disc itself is slightly different, with a white background on the edges and a maroon background beneath the black marks. "Heather Nova Redbird" is written in black instead of exposing the CD's surface. The legal mentions stretch all the way around and are not the same. Be sure to check out our picture gallery for pictures (coming soon). Currently I've only seen this version, i.e. no standard jewel case for now.

You can order it now on for 15.99€ plus postage. In FNAC stores it is sold for 17.50€. It is also available at, for 15.76€, but the delivery is up to 6 days in France... to say nothing of foreign countries!

[EDIT] It is now available on for 16.62€.

In any case, it looks like delivery outside of France costs at least 8€.

Heather Nova Album News : Redbird release dates (updated)
Posted by Bernd on 2005/8/17 9:18:17 (2042 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Some updated release dates for Heather Nova's new album "Redbird":

Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia: already released
France: September 6th
Italy: October 14th

No information about UK.


Heather Nova Album News : Redbird - Highest Chart Entry
Posted by gerd on 2005/8/16 19:40:01 (2198 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova's new album Redbird, which was released last week is the highest new entry in the german MediaControl Charts. It went directly to number 10. It's even more remarkable as there was no single upfront.

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