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Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova at Pukkelpop, August 20, 2005
Posted by Bernd on 2005/8/20 17:32:56 (2376 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Pukkelpop, August 20, 2005:

According to our special correspondent Gerd, Heather Nova started her Redbird Tour 2005 at Pukkelpop festival in Belgium by performing ten songs:

Welcome / Heart And Shoulder / Mesmerized / Walk This World / Redbird / Motherland / All I Need / Just Been Born / London Rain / Sugar

Four songs were from the new album Redbird. Mesmerized, Redbird, and Motherland were played at Pukkelpop for the very first time. Unfortunately there were sound problems with the microphone at the beginning of the concert.

Download here the first six songs from the set (including all new songs), recorded from internet live stream: (52 MB, wmv-file, thanks to Heinz Lamers) or (68 MB, mov-file, thanks to Cynthia Fridsma)

The video is 28 minutes long.

Next Heather Nova concert:
2005-08-21 (Sunday) - Biddinghuizen (NL) - Lowlands Festival (Grolsch tent)

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova tour dates 2005 (updated)
Posted by Bernd on 2005/8/19 12:22:53 (2226 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Since the tour will start very soon, a list of
all known Heather Nova tour dates in 2005 so far:

2005-08-20-sa - Hasselt (B) - Pukkelpop Festival (main stage)
2005-08-21-su - Biddinghuizen (NL) - Lowlands Festival (Grolsch tent)
2005-08-23-tu - Braunschweig (D) - Feldschlößchen Bühne
2005-08-24-we - Leipzig (D) - Parkbühne
2005-08-25-th - Hanau (D)- Amphitheater
2005-08-27-sa - St Imier (CH) - Mont-Soleil Open Air Festival
2005-08-28-su - Berlin (D)- Museumsinsel
2005-09-30-fr - London (UK) - Shepherds Bush Empire (with Nadia Lanman)
2005-10-01-sa - Brussels (B) - Ancienne Belgique (likely sold out)
2005-10-03-mo - Paris (F) - Le Bataclan
2005-10-04-tu - Utrecht (NL) - Vredenburg (likely sold out)
2005-10-05-we - Lucerne/Luzern (CH) - Luzernsaal (postponed from July)
2005-10-07-fr - Munich/München (D) - Tonhalle
2005-10-08-sa - Stuttgart (D) - Liederhalle-Beethovensaal
2005-10-09-su - Nuremberg/Nürnberg (D) - Hotel am Tiergarten/Löwensaal
2005-10-10-mo - Offenbach (D) - Capitol*
2005-10-12-we - Cologne/Köln (D) - E-Werk
2005-10-13-th - Bielefeld (D) - Ringlokschuppen
2005-10-14-fr - Hannover (D) - Capitol* (NEW)
2005-10-15-sa - Rostock (D) - Scandlines Arena
2005-10-17-mo - Stockholm (S) - Cirkus
2005-10-18-tu - Gothenburg (S) - TRÄDGÅR´N
2005-10-19-we - Oslo (N) - Rockefeller Music Hall
2005-10-21-fr - Copenhagen (DK) - Amager Bio
2005-10-22-sa - Kiel (D) - Halle 400
2005-10-23-su - Hamburg (D) - Grosse Freiheit 36
2005-10-25-tu - Groningen (NL) - [tbc]

* not yet confirmed, but tickets already sold

For more information:

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova plays Hannover, Germany
Posted by Bernd on 2005/8/19 12:15:19 (1820 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

New concert date:

According to, Heather Nova plays October 14, 2005, in Hannover, Germany. Venue: Capitol. Tickets are already sold at

Heather Nova Concert News : Redbird Tour Concert - Sold Out
Posted by gerd on 2005/8/17 9:09:45 (2014 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Heather Nova's Redbird Tour concert in Brussels at the Ancienne Belgique (main hall) is the first reported to be sold out. The venue capacity is 2000 people.

Heather Nova Concert News : Support Acts for the gig in Braunschweig
Posted by gerd on 2005/8/14 23:46:42 (1903 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

There will be two support acts for Heather Nova's gig in Braunschweig. Besides The National a young talented 17 year old singer called Valentine will perform. Read more about her on this Berlin newspaper website

Heather Nova Concert News : Redbird Tour Line-up
Posted by gerd on 2005/7/29 23:56:05 (1940 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

The band line-up for the Redbird Tour will be

Heather Nova on vocals and guitar
Berit Fridahl on guitar
Matt Round on bass
Laurie Jenkins on drums
Simon Stafford on keyboards

and in London:
Nadia Lanman on cello

Heather Nova Concert News : Very special guest for London show (Sep. 30th)
Posted by Ben on 2005/7/29 11:52:36 (1997 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

On July 28th, a new post from Heather on the official site revealed a very pleasant surprise: famed (and missed) cellist Nadia Lanman will once again play with Heather, albeit for one night only. Be there or be square!

Here's Heather's announcement:

summer heat. looking forward to being back on the road - festivals first. then in the fall a tour with your old favourites on stage - berit on guitar, laurie on drums, matt on bass and a new keyboard player, simon, who has a few other tricks up his sleeve.

some treats along the way: in shepherds bush nadia lanman, who many of you will remember as the very lovely and talented cellist will make a guest appearance - something i very much look forward to... anyway, stay cool. and see you soon.


Sadly, Nadia had to stop playing with Heather because of pain in her hands. We hope her reappearance means she's getting better.

Heather Nova Concert News : Special Tour Guests
Posted by gerd on 2005/6/29 16:03:16 (2073 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Special tour guests are announced for the gigs in Braunschweig and Leipzig. The band is called

The National

The press info describes their music as a fusion of Wilco, the Tindersticks and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Their latest record, Alligator, is among this year's best so far, says Ben.

Click here for their website.
Click here for various reviews.

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova gig in Offenbach, Germany?
Posted by Bernd on 2005/6/12 16:43:11 (2075 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

The German ticket seller already sells tickets for a Heather Nova concert on
Mon, October 10th in Offenbach, Germany.
Venue: Capitol. Offenbach is located very close to Frankfurt/Main.

Heather Nova Concert News : New Heather Nova tour dates in Europe in October 2005
Posted by Bernd on 2005/6/10 12:34:08 (2143 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

New Heather Nova tour dates in Europe in October 2005:

Mon, October 3rd: Paris, France (Le Bataclan)
Tue, October 4th: Utrecht, Netherlands (Vredenburg)
Wed, October 5th: Lucerne, Switzerland (Luzernsaal)
Mon, October 17th: Stockholm, Sweden
Tue, October 18th: Gothenburg, Sweden (Trädgår´n)
Wed, October 19th: Oslo, Norway (Rockefeller Music Hall)
Fri, October 21st: Copenhagen, Denmark (Amager Bio)
Tue, October 25th: Groningen, Netherlands

The actual venues are not yet all announced.

These gigs were included in the press information about Redbird.
Click on this text to see the complete press release information .

Many thanks to Heinz from !

Edit by Gerd 2005-06-13: venues added for Luzern, Utrecht and Oslo.
Edit by Gerd 2005-06-14: venue for Copenhagen added.
Edit by Bernd 2005-06-17: venue for Gothenburg added.

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova plays Brussels, October 1, 2005
Posted by Bernd on 2005/5/27 18:46:32 (2155 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Tickets are already sold for a Heather Nova gig in Brussels, October 1, at the Ancienne Belgique.
The gig is not yet confirmed.

(thanks to Geert)

Heather Nova Concert News : More Heather Nova tour dates to follow album release
Posted by Bernd on 2005/5/25 0:44:18 (2104 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

More Heather Nova tour dates to follow album release

Work on the new and as yet-untitled Heather Nova album is done, and more gigs will be announced soon as part of the promotional tour for the record. In the meantime, tickets are already on sale for the August shows.

(Posted May 24th, 2005 on

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova performed "Bermuda Sloop Song" first time
Posted by Bernd on 2005/5/19 13:39:25 (2155 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Heather Nova performed last Saturday in Dockyard, Bermuda, her new song "Bermuda Sloop Song", which is dedicated to young Bermudian sail trainees, for the first time. She was accompanied by David Roache. here for more details. Thanks to MiniCooper!

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova tour with Berit Fridahl
Posted by Bernd on 2005/5/5 13:36:29 (2375 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Berit Fridahl is in the band on Heather Nova's next tour, because Heather's gigs are also in Berit's tour calendar.

Berit was already Heather's lead guitarist from 1998-2002 and summer festivals 2003, also she played keyboard and sung backing vocals. Additionally, she plays guitar on at least one track on the new Heather Nova album, see older news.

Heather Nova Concert News : Confirmed Tour Dates (so far)
Posted by XLV, MMVIII on 2005/4/29 1:46:47 (2420 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

The following Heather Nova shows are confirmed for 2005:

August 20th - Pukkelpop - Hassalt, Belgium
August 21st - Lowlands Festival - Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
August 23rd - Feldschlößchen Bühne - Braunschweig, Germany
August 24th - Parkbühne Auensee - Leipzig, Germany
August 25th - Amphitheater - Hanau, Germany
August 27th - Soleil Festival - St Imier, Switzerland
August 28th - Museumsinsel - Berlin, Germany
September 30th - Shepherds Bush Empire - London, UK

Thanks to Massimo for letting us know about these confirmed dates!

Heather Nova Concert News : Unconfirmed: Heather Nova plays in Hanau
Posted by Bernd on 2005/4/26 9:19:56 (1587 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

According to an article to the newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau last Saturday, Heather Nova plays August 25, 2005 in Hanau (Amphitheater). Hanau is a town close to Frankfurt/Main. The date would perfectly fit to the dates of the announced Leipzig and Berlin gigs.

Note: No confirmation yet, and also there is no information in the Amphitheater calendar.

Update: Now tickets are sold for the announced Hanau gig on August 25, although the concert is still not confirmed.

Heather Nova Concert News : Tickets already sold for two other Heather gigs in Germany!
Posted by Bernd on 2005/4/23 19:52:54 (1477 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

The two ticket agencies and already sell Heather Nova tickets for:

1) August 24, 2005 in Leipzig, Parkbühne (Clara Zetkin Park)
2) August 28, 2005 in Berlin, Radio Eins Sommerkonzerte, with 2Raumwohnung and Mia

Note: These concerts are NOT YET confirmed. Also, for August 2004 there were three gigs announced, including Leipzig and Berlin, and all three gigs were unfortunately cancelled. Besides, don't forget that the Lucerne gig was postponed from July 2005 to October 2005, too, so we cannot guarantee anything here.

Heather Nova Concert News : Lucerne gig postponed, now October 5th instead of July 26th
Posted by Bernd on 2005/4/15 11:16:04 (2391 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

From the webpage: "Heather Nova's management has postponed the album release and also the Lucerne gig on July 26th, KKL Konzertsaal. The new gig takes place on October 5th, 20h, KKL Luzernersaal. Tickets are still valid for the seated Luzernersaal balcony on October 5th."

Update: In contrast to what writes, tickets are definitely returnable ! as the Blue Balls organizers confirmed once again on the phone. The ticket seller got informed in the meantime ! (edited by Chris91275)

Note: There are now two ticket categories sold:
1) seated category on the balcony, 69 CHF
2) standing category, 59 CHF

Heather Nova Concert News : First Heather gig in 2005 confirmed!
Posted by Bernd on 2005/3/3 9:30:19 (1599 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Heather plays July 26, 2005 in Lucerne (Luzern), Switzerland.

Location: Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern (, at "Blue Balls Festival 2005".

For tickets see Ticketcorner (, price: CHF 69. The venue is seated and numbered, so if you consider to go, buy the tickets fast, to have a good seat somewhere in the first rows!

Although this gig will be part of a festival, Heather's gig will be most likely a stand-alone gig in this venue with full set. This gig is confirmed now by

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