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A Special Acoustic Evening : Heather Nova to play in Bermuda on January 29, 2011
Posted by Bernd on 2010/11/8 21:20:00 (4289 reads)
A Special Acoustic Evening

Heather Nova and Arnulf Lindner will play on January 29, 2011 at the "Ruth Seaton James Centre" in Bermuda. This acoustic concert is part of the "Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts 2011". Heather will also invite local guest musicians and poets to perform throughout the evening show.

Tickets are already on sale at

More information:

This is what Heather says about this forthcoming concert:

My next live appearance will be a concert with the Bermuda Festival on January 29th. This is special event for me because I will be donating my fee to a cause I feel passionate about – The Chewstick Foundation.

I wanted to contribute in some way to the healing of our community here in Bermuda, which has been torn apart by gang violence so I decided to do a concert to raise both money and awareness for Chewstick's outreach programs in the schools and prisons. They encourage kids to express themselves through music, poetry and spoken word, thereby giving them a sense of self esteem and empowerment. I truly believe Chewstick's programs have the potential to reach kids in a profound way, and that they can really help heal and intergrate our society - racially and culturally, thereby bringing about positive change. In their own words:

"Through youth programs, artist development projects and community initiatives we are inspiring individuals and cultivating an integrated society. We change lives by inspiring people to live their dream. Our events create opportunities to bring our divided community together and help heal age old wounds by allowing people the opportunity to express and understand each other in an environment of peace. We conduct dynamic youth programs at Berkeley Institute, Bermuda College and at the Co-Ed Facilty (juvenile prison)"

I'll be inviting a few local artists to participate in the evening, to showcase the talent that is on the island and is finding its voice through Chewstick.

Thanks to the Bermuda Festival for supporting this vision!

for more on the Chewstick foundation go to

A Special Acoustic Evening : Special Acoustic Evening Tour 2010: A Look Back
Posted by Cassander on 2010/11/8 18:29:15 (1802 reads)
A Special Acoustic Evening

In October 2010, Heather Nova and Austrian jack-of-all-instruments, Arnulf Lindner went on the road again for a Special Acoustic Evening Tour 2010. They started in Hasselt on October 1 and ended in Paris on October 30. They gave twenty-five shows (in only one month!) through Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and France. In addition to those 25 regular shows, Heather performed two additional charity gigs in German hospitals.

The tour in many ways resembled the 2009 acoustic tour, since Heather and Arnulf again played most of the songs from the previous tour (Walk This World, Talk To Me, What A Feeling, Doubled Up, London Rain, Heart And Shoulder, and quite often Gloomy Sunday, Sugar, Out In New Mexico, Maybe Tomorrow, Fool For You and Paper Cup). But they replaced other songs from last year's setlist with some old classics instead, like Heal and Like Lovers Do, as well as some songs which they (unfortunately) very seldom played: Light Years, Avalanche, and Wicked Game. They even played songs Heather had (almost) never performed before: All The Way, I Walked Along The Shore (an untitled poem, performed only at the Crossing Border Festival 2002 so far), Looking For The Light and Singing You Through. They were able to mix fun and beauty, with a very original remix of Aquamarine and a cover of the famous '80s classic, Tainted Love.

Last but not least, they also added four new songs from Heather's upcoming album: Everything Changes, Burning To Love, Save A Little Piece Of Tomorrow and Turn The Compass Round. Though Everything Changes seems to be our members' favorite, most everyone seemed to agree that these new songs are very good, which means the forthcoming album (projected for Spring 2011) will probably be a great one.

Heather invited two Bermudian artists on the tour, Taylor Rankin and Joy T. Barnum. Taylor Rankin, hip-hop-inspired singer and violinist, opened the first half of the tour, before joining Heather on Gloomy Sunday and I Miss My Sky. The second half of the shows were opened by the soulful singer Joy T. Barnum and her guitarist. Joy was also invited to sing backing vocals for Heather on Singing You Through.

In Switzerland, France, and Germany, Heather experimented with selling a new kind of ticket. The "VIP tickets" allowed their owner to get a premium seat, a free recording of the show, a tour poster, and a "meet and greet" with the Heather Nova herself. Except in Paris, this new system seemed to work very well, and people were very happy to get the chance to have a little chat with Heather, who kindly signed many posters and CD covers.

Not to be forgotten, this tour gave Gerd (this site's owner) the occasion to attend his 100th Heather Nova concert in 15 years, in Mainz, on October 28. That night, to celebrate, Heather played one of his favorite songs: Ear To The Ground. Congratulations, Gerd!

A lot of HNN members could attend two, three, or more shows of the tour and were kind enough to post photos, videos, comments, and setlists on the forum. Many thanks to everyone! For those who want a souvenir of the shows, or for those who couldn't attend any gigs this time, Heather Nova sells the recording of each show (except Hasselt and Eindhoven, due to technical difficulties) on Each concert download costs 10 Euros. The recordings are high-quality mp3s. You can listen to the Zwolle gig from October 4 for free on that website.

We want to thank Heather Nova and Arnulf Lindner, her management, and all other people who helped her with this tour. Thank you very much for these unforgettable days!


A Special Acoustic Evening : Important information about the Wuppertal concert
Posted by Bernd on 2010/10/1 22:50:00 (1897 reads)
A Special Acoustic Evening

Heather Nova's concert in Wuppertal on October 29, 2010, has moved from "Rex-Theater" to "Historische Stadthalle". The "Rex-Theater" has closed. The "Historische Stadthalle" is located at Johannisberg 40, this is 1 km away from the "Rex-Theater".


A Special Acoustic Evening : Heather Nova's fall tour 2010 starts this week!
Posted by Bernd on 2010/9/28 17:40:00 (1699 reads)
A Special Acoustic Evening

Don't forget!

Heather Nova's fall tour 2010 starts this week! It will be a "Special Acoustic Evening", and Heather will be accompanied by Arnulf Lindner.

Heather's invitation to this tour:

just finished rehearsing with arnulf, my uber talented multi-instrumentalist friend and am getting geared up to hit the road again in a couple of weeks. i loved doing this show last year and am excited to be taking it back to europe again this time to some different cities and towns. once again it is just the two of us on stage so it's intimate, but not folky. we'll be playing a few songs from my as yet unreleased album as well as lots of oldies. we look forward to seeing you out there! xxx

Heather's tour dates:

Fri, 01.10.10 BE – Hasselt - CC
Sat, 02.10.10 NL – Delft – Theater de Veste
Sun, 03.10.10 NL – Groningen – De Oosterpoort
Mon, 04.10.10 NL – Zwolle – Theater De Spiegel
Tue, 05.10.10 NL – Den Bosch – Theater a/d Parade
Wed, 06.10.10 NL – Alkmaar – Theater de Vest
Fri, 08.10.10 NL – Heerlen – Parkstad Limburg Theaters
Sat, 09.10.10 NL – Nijmegen – Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen
Sun, 10.10.10 NL – Eindhoven – Muziekcentrum Frits Philips
Mon, 11.10.10 NL – Breda – Chasse Theater
Tue, 12.10.10 BE – Leuven – Het Depot
Thu, 14.10.10 NL – Maastricht – Theater a/h Vrijthof
Fri, 15.10.10 NL – Leiden – Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden
Sat, 16.10.10 BE – Gent - Handelsbeurs
Sun, 17.10.10 BE – Roeselare – De Spil
Tue, 19.10.10 NL – Middelburg – Stadsschouwburg
Wed, 20.10.10 CH – Bern – Bierhuebli
Thu, 21.10.10 CH – Basel – Volkshaus
Fri, 22.10.10 CH – Herisau – Casino Herisau
Sat, 23.10.10 DE – Erlangen – Markgrafentheater
Mon, 25.10.10 DE – Freiburg – Jazzhaus
Tue, 26.10.10 DE – Tόbingen – Sudhaus
Thu, 28.10.10 DE – Mainz – Frankfurter Hof
Fri, 29.10.10 DE – Wuppertal – Rex Theater (moved to: Historische Stadthalle edit: 01.10.10)
Sat, 30.10.10 FR – Paris – Cafe de la Danse

It will be 25 concerts in 30 days, so quite a schedule.

Taylor Rankin will be opening for Heather on the first half of the tour, and Joy T Barnum on the second half. They are both from Bermuda. All the shows will be recorded and for sale online the next day as high-quality .mp3 as well.

A Special Acoustic Evening : VIP and Premium Tickets for the upcoming tour 2010
Posted by gerd on 2010/9/2 1:18:20 (1974 reads)
A Special Acoustic Evening

Here is an update of the status of VIP tickets and premium tickets that can be ordered through

VIP tickets and premium tickets are already sold old out for the following concerts:

Bern, Basel, Herisau, Paris

VIP tickets (premium ticket, meet and greet, recording, poster) can still be ordered for the following concerts:

Erlangen, Freiburg, Tόbingen, Mainz, Wuppertal

Premium tickets can still be ordered for the following shows:

Freiburg, Tόbingen, Wuppertal

A Special Acoustic Evening : Song requests for the A Special Acoustic Evening Tour 2010
Posted by Bernd on 2010/8/29 16:40:00 (1842 reads)
A Special Acoustic Evening

On Twitter Heather Nova is asking if there are song requests for the upcoming tour:

"any song requests for my upcoming tour?" and "when you send your request, let me know what town you are in so i can try to play it in that set....."

So feel free to send her an email or request a song on Twitter or here in this thread!

A Special Acoustic Evening : Heather Nova to play in Paris (France) on October 30th, 2010
Posted by Bernd on 2010/5/11 10:09:06 (1919 reads)
A Special Acoustic Evening

Heather Nova will perform in the Cafι de la Danse in Paris (France) on October 30th, 2010.

Tickets go on sale at the FNAC website on May 17th, 2010. Print-out e-ticket available.

Thank you to MiniCooper!

A Special Acoustic Evening : Heather Nova to play in Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Posted by Bernd on 2010/4/29 23:24:49 (2053 reads)
A Special Acoustic Evening

Heather Nova will perform in the Airport Zaal in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) on Sunday, October 10th, 2010.

Tickets are already available.

Many thanks again to Ton for this information

A Special Acoustic Evening : Heather Nova to play in Leuven (Belgium)
Posted by Bernd on 2010/4/28 23:50:01 (1974 reads)
A Special Acoustic Evening

Heather Nova is announced to play "An Acoustic Evening" in the Het Depot in Leuven (Belgium) on October 12, 2010.

Tickets are already on sale.

Thanks to Johan.

A Special Acoustic Evening : Heather Nova to play in Ghent (Belgium) on October 16, 2010
Posted by Bernd on 2010/4/27 1:26:57 (1988 reads)
A Special Acoustic Evening

Heather Nova will perform in the Handelsbeurs Concertzaal in Ghent (Belgium) on Saturday, October 16th, 2010.

It's a small venue. Tickets are already available. The early birds can still get tickets in row "R", which is the first row. Row "A" is the last row, so don't mix up. Ticket price is 32 Euro. Credit Card payment is accepted.

Many thanks again to Ton for this information

A Special Acoustic Evening : Heather Nova to play in Heerlen (The Netherlands) October 8th, 2010
Posted by gerd on 2010/4/24 20:50:00 (2628 reads)
A Special Acoustic Evening

Another concert of Heather Nova's "A Special Acoustic Evening" tour in 2010 appears on our radar. Heather Nova will perform in the Theater Heerlen (Parkstad Limburg Theaters) in Heerlen (The Netherlands) on October 8th, 2010. It is close to the German border, near Aachen (Germany).

Tickets go on sale via Internet on May 20th, 2010.
The website is also available partly in German language.

Another big thank you to Ton, informing us even before this concert is announced on the website of the venue.

A Special Acoustic Evening : Heather Nova to play in Leiden (Netherlands)
Posted by Bernd on 2010/4/6 20:50:00 (1970 reads)
A Special Acoustic Evening

Heather Nova is announced to play "A special acoustic evening" in the "Leidse Schouwburg" in Leiden (Netherlands) on October 15, 2010.

Thanks to Ton and Gerd.

A Special Acoustic Evening : Heather Nova to play in 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)
Posted by Bernd on 2010/4/3 1:02:21 (1882 reads)
A Special Acoustic Evening

Heather Nova is announced to play "A special acoustic evening" in the "Theater aan de Parade" in 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) on October 5, 2010.

Ticket sales start at May 18. But owners of a "c'art" can order at May 11.

Thanks to Rero!

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