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Heather Nova Album News : Press information about Redbird
Posted by gerd on 2005/6/9 23:42:54 (2028 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

"Redbird", Heather's sixth studio album, is quite different to her previous album "Storm",which had been a return to acoustic basics. The positive experience of recording "Storm" in one place, unlike her previous albums that had mostly been recorded in gaps between her heavy touring schedule, was also the basis for recording "Redbird", but Heather felt a more "rockier" feel to the music best suited the collection of songs that she had written.....

for the full article, see here:

(thanks to Heinz from

Heather Nova News : Interview with Heather Nova about Redbird
Posted by gerd on 2005/6/9 22:02:28 (2092 reads)
Heather Nova News

A new interview with Heather Nova will be published on June 20th on, where she talks about Redbird, being a rockin'mom, the worldwide release of her album, the upcoming tour, and what are the best 10 songs she wrote in her career. a series of new pictures will illustrate the interview.

(thanks to Massimo from

Heather Nova Album News : Redbird Album Cover and Release Date
Posted by gerd on 2005/6/3 2:26:51 (2438 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

The cover art for Heather Nova's new album Redbird has been confirmed. The official cover can be found in the Redbird album of our Pictures section.

Redbird Album

The possible release date for Redbird is August 8th, 2005.

Heather Nova Album News : Benefit CD for the "Spirit of Bermuda"
Posted by gerd on 2005/5/30 22:09:59 (2292 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova will be releasing a separate CD and possibly DVD in the late fall to benefit the 'Spirit of Bermuda'.

Heather sang four songs at the Dockyard on saturday 14th , including her 'Bermuda Sloop Song' and 'Redemption Song' (Marley)

(thanks to the Execute Director/Project Manager of the Bermuda Sloop Foundation Malcolm Kirkland for this information)

The poem "She", which was written by Pauline O’Connor, can be found in the forums : "She" by Pauline O'Connor

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova plays Brussels, October 1, 2005
Posted by Bernd on 2005/5/27 18:46:32 (2107 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Tickets are already sold for a Heather Nova gig in Brussels, October 1, at the Ancienne Belgique.
The gig is not yet confirmed.

(thanks to Geert)

Heather Nova Album News : New Heather Nova album called "Redbird"
Posted by Bernd on 2005/5/26 22:17:10 (2792 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

New Heather Nova album is called "Redbird".

Redbird cover see here:

For the tracklist, click on "Read more..."

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Heather Nova Concert News : More Heather Nova tour dates to follow album release
Posted by Bernd on 2005/5/25 0:44:18 (2068 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

More Heather Nova tour dates to follow album release

Work on the new and as yet-untitled Heather Nova album is done, and more gigs will be announced soon as part of the promotional tour for the record. In the meantime, tickets are already on sale for the August shows.

(Posted May 24th, 2005 on

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova performed "Bermuda Sloop Song" first time
Posted by Bernd on 2005/5/19 13:39:25 (2118 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Heather Nova performed last Saturday in Dockyard, Bermuda, her new song "Bermuda Sloop Song", which is dedicated to young Bermudian sail trainees, for the first time. She was accompanied by David Roache. here for more details. Thanks to MiniCooper!

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova tour with Berit Fridahl
Posted by Bernd on 2005/5/5 13:36:29 (2329 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Berit Fridahl is in the band on Heather Nova's next tour, because Heather's gigs are also in Berit's tour calendar.

Berit was already Heather's lead guitarist from 1998-2002 and summer festivals 2003, also she played keyboard and sung backing vocals. Additionally, she plays guitar on at least one track on the new Heather Nova album, see older news.

Website News : Get the HNN Toolbar!
Posted by XLV, MMVIII on 2005/4/29 3:39:41 (2804 reads)
Website News

Introducing the HNN Toolbar.

Currently features:

- Instantly access, the Heather Nova Discography, and the Official Heather Nova websites with the push of a button.
- Search many search engines, including the search which helps the HNN Charities!
- As Heather Nova news becomes available, notifications are posted to the toolbar. Be the first to know!
- Chat interface to chat with other HNN toolbar users.

Plus more features which will be added later.

Requirements: Internet Exploder 5.0 or above, Windows 98+.

Download it here!

Heather Nova Concert News : Confirmed Tour Dates (so far)
Posted by XLV, MMVIII on 2005/4/29 1:46:47 (2375 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

The following Heather Nova shows are confirmed for 2005:

August 20th - Pukkelpop - Hassalt, Belgium
August 21st - Lowlands Festival - Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
August 23rd - Feldschlößchen Bühne - Braunschweig, Germany
August 24th - Parkbühne Auensee - Leipzig, Germany
August 25th - Amphitheater - Hanau, Germany
August 27th - Soleil Festival - St Imier, Switzerland
August 28th - Museumsinsel - Berlin, Germany
September 30th - Shepherds Bush Empire - London, UK

Thanks to Massimo for letting us know about these confirmed dates!

Heather Nova Concert News : Lucerne gig postponed, now October 5th instead of July 26th
Posted by Bernd on 2005/4/15 11:16:04 (2349 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

From the webpage: "Heather Nova's management has postponed the album release and also the Lucerne gig on July 26th, KKL Konzertsaal. The new gig takes place on October 5th, 20h, KKL Luzernersaal. Tickets are still valid for the seated Luzernersaal balcony on October 5th."

Update: In contrast to what writes, tickets are definitely returnable ! as the Blue Balls organizers confirmed once again on the phone. The ticket seller got informed in the meantime ! (edited by Chris91275)

Note: There are now two ticket categories sold:
1) seated category on the balcony, 69 CHF
2) standing category, 59 CHF

Heather Nova Album News : New Heather album with Berit Fridahl
Posted by Bernd on 2005/4/14 20:52:13 (2432 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Berit wrote on her website: Guitars for Heather Nova... Heather will put out a new album soon, and I did some guitars on a track, last week. Always a joy... April 12 2005

Berit was member of Heather Nova's live band from 1998 till 2002 and summer festivals 2003 (mostly guitar, lead guitar). She also played guitar on "Talk To Me" on the album "South".

Heather Nova Album News : New Heather album still in the recording phase
Posted by Bernd on 2005/4/11 14:17:05 (2277 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Laurie wrote:

Wednesday, April 06, 2005
... just been back into the studio today to do drums on a little track for Heather Nova ...

Website News : Good Luck, Tiff
Posted by XLV, MMVIII on 2005/4/6 2:50:55 (3598 reads)
Website News

Goodbye Tiffanie, we will miss having you around every day.

Good luck with everything.

Be sure to come and see us whenever you can!

Website News : April's fool messages on
Posted by Bernd on 2005/4/1 22:08:00 (2513 reads)
Website News

If you want to read our two april's fool messages again, click here for the stories.

#1 New Tour Dates Out Now ! (posted by Chris91275) and
#2 Details about Bermuda Sloop single (posted by Gerd, Bernd, and Ben)

Heather Nova News : Heather in Bermuda, lending her support to environmentalists’ cause
Posted by Bernd on 2005/3/20 21:51:02 (2738 reads)
Heather Nova News

Heather took part in a march for dolphins' rights and the preservation of natural environment in Bermuda


According to newspaper articles, Heather took part in a march in Hamilton, Bermuda, demonstrating against the plan to build a new dolphin park there.

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Heather Nova News : message from Heather, february 28th 2005
Posted by gerd on 2005/2/28 15:17:18 (2886 reads)
Heather Nova News

Here is a message from Heather posted on february 28th (seen at the forums)

i am now putting the finishing touches on my new album and am hoping to have it out in september. it is quite different to the last one - a bigger sound, more experimental.

thanks as always to all of you out there for tuning in, and for those who have been around for ten years with me and the website, the journey isn't over yet!

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Heather Nova Album News : New Heather album with Laurie Jenkins and Bastian Juel
Posted by Bernd on 2005/2/21 23:52:00 (3491 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Laurie Jenkins mentioned in his blog that he and Bastian Juel took part in Heather's recording sessions.

Laurie's blog entry from Friday, February 18, 2005:
[...] and then managed to fit in a session for Heather Nova's new record in the evening which was nice as teamed up with Bastian Juel again who I haven't seen or played with for years - his bass sound and feel is such a pleasure to play with! Since then we have been rehearsing solidly and all is going great and sounding really cool - now I find myself back in NYC again [...]

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Website News : Fixing forum slowness
Posted by XLV, MMVIII on 2005/2/9 6:15:34 (2522 reads)
Website News

The authors of the forums module all use the Firefox web browser exclusively, and apparently never, ever fire up Internet Explorer.

Those of you who are using IE probably notice ridiculous slowness and freezes when using the forums here. I have talked to the development team about this, but as I said they are totally clueless about it since they only use Firefox, and the forums are fast in Firefox. So to them, there is no problem.

If you are using IE and the slowness of the forums bothers you, switching to Firefox is going to be the quickest solution. The speed of the forums when browsed through Firefox is just as fast as IE was with the old forums.

Website News : New users: Trouble registering?
Posted by XLV, MMVIII on 2005/2/7 5:24:21 (2979 reads)
Website News

If you have a software firewall on your computer and have it set too restrictively, you may have trouble registering for this website.

To prevent session hacking, this website tracks HTTP_REFERER requests. If your firewall is blocking these requests, you will not be able to register. Even if you could register, you wouldn't be able to log in.

Click on 'Read More...' for more information.

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