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Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova tour dates 2005 (updated)
Posted by Bernd on 2005/8/19 12:22:53 (1821 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Since the tour will start very soon, a list of
all known Heather Nova tour dates in 2005 so far:

2005-08-20-sa - Hasselt (B) - Pukkelpop Festival (main stage)
2005-08-21-su - Biddinghuizen (NL) - Lowlands Festival (Grolsch tent)
2005-08-23-tu - Braunschweig (D) - Feldschlößchen Bühne
2005-08-24-we - Leipzig (D) - Parkbühne
2005-08-25-th - Hanau (D)- Amphitheater
2005-08-27-sa - St Imier (CH) - Mont-Soleil Open Air Festival
2005-08-28-su - Berlin (D)- Museumsinsel
2005-09-30-fr - London (UK) - Shepherds Bush Empire (with Nadia Lanman)
2005-10-01-sa - Brussels (B) - Ancienne Belgique (likely sold out)
2005-10-03-mo - Paris (F) - Le Bataclan
2005-10-04-tu - Utrecht (NL) - Vredenburg (likely sold out)
2005-10-05-we - Lucerne/Luzern (CH) - Luzernsaal (postponed from July)
2005-10-07-fr - Munich/München (D) - Tonhalle
2005-10-08-sa - Stuttgart (D) - Liederhalle-Beethovensaal
2005-10-09-su - Nuremberg/Nürnberg (D) - Hotel am Tiergarten/Löwensaal
2005-10-10-mo - Offenbach (D) - Capitol*
2005-10-12-we - Cologne/Köln (D) - E-Werk
2005-10-13-th - Bielefeld (D) - Ringlokschuppen
2005-10-14-fr - Hannover (D) - Capitol* (NEW)
2005-10-15-sa - Rostock (D) - Scandlines Arena
2005-10-17-mo - Stockholm (S) - Cirkus
2005-10-18-tu - Gothenburg (S) - TRÄDGÅR´N
2005-10-19-we - Oslo (N) - Rockefeller Music Hall
2005-10-21-fr - Copenhagen (DK) - Amager Bio
2005-10-22-sa - Kiel (D) - Halle 400
2005-10-23-su - Hamburg (D) - Grosse Freiheit 36
2005-10-25-tu - Groningen (NL) - [tbc]

* not yet confirmed, but tickets already sold

For more information:

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova plays Hannover, Germany
Posted by Bernd on 2005/8/19 12:15:19 (1478 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

New concert date:

According to, Heather Nova plays October 14, 2005, in Hannover, Germany. Venue: Capitol. Tickets are already sold at

Heather Nova Album News : Redbird release dates (updated)
Posted by Bernd on 2005/8/17 9:18:17 (2035 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Some updated release dates for Heather Nova's new album "Redbird":

Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia: already released
France: September 6th
Italy: October 14th

No information about UK.


Heather Nova Concert News : Redbird Tour Concert - Sold Out
Posted by gerd on 2005/8/17 9:09:45 (1655 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Heather Nova's Redbird Tour concert in Brussels at the Ancienne Belgique (main hall) is the first reported to be sold out. The venue capacity is 2000 people.

Heather Nova Album News : Redbird - Highest Chart Entry
Posted by gerd on 2005/8/16 19:40:01 (2189 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova's new album Redbird, which was released last week is the highest new entry in the german MediaControl Charts. It went directly to number 10. It's even more remarkable as there was no single upfront.

Heather Nova Concert News : Support Acts for the gig in Braunschweig
Posted by gerd on 2005/8/14 23:46:42 (1550 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

There will be two support acts for Heather Nova's gig in Braunschweig. Besides The National a young talented 17 year old singer called Valentine will perform. Read more about her on this Berlin newspaper website

Heather Nova Album News : "Welcome" Video + Video Interview
Posted by gerd on 2005/8/13 13:44:24 (2033 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

On Heather Nova's German website, you can now now the video of her new single Welcome.

Additionally, you can watch 14 interview clips where Heather talks about her new album, music and song writing. The videos were probably shot in the Bermudas. You can see Heather's dog Friday in the background in some of the clips.

Here you can go directly to the Welcome Video + Video Interviews

Heather Nova Album News : "Welcome" Video
Posted by gerd on 2005/8/9 22:02:14 (2067 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

The video for Heather Nova's download-only single Welcome premieres on Heather's official artist page

It's online now, go watch it!

Heather Nova Album News : Listen to Redbird online
Posted by gerd on 2005/8/9 14:00:06 (1996 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

You can listen to all of Redbird now on the
V2 Scandinavia & Finland site.

Website News : The Heather Nova Network
Posted by gerd on 2005/8/8 23:18:13 (1892 reads)
Website News

The Heather Nova Network is now in my hands as I have taken over the URL and the website content on there. I'm very proud to have now even more possibilities to support my favourite artist Heather Nova.

You probably have noticed already a few changes here, like the Tour Dates section which was added a few weeks ago. There will be more Heather Nova related things added in the future. To make it clear, this is a Heather Nova website and I will do my best to make it as cosy as possible for the fans. Well actually no big change so

Enjoy the website and especially the fans in the forums. Any concerns, please don't hesitate to address to me. This is the place for the Heather Nova fans! You can discuss everything here as long as you are respectful towards others. Have fun!

(look at the Website Credits for details)

Heather Nova Album News : Redbird is available
Posted by gerd on 2005/8/8 15:00:31 (1840 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Redbird is now available in the record stores of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Enjoy. It's a great album

Heather Nova Album News : Redbird on iTunes (continued)
Posted by gerd on 2005/8/4 9:04:33 (1918 reads)

Redbird has been removed from the German iTunes Music Store. It's still available in other countries.

As an exclusive, you can now download another Welcome single, featuring the album's title-track.

1. Welcome (Album Version) [4:18]
2. Redbird [4:16]

Heather Nova Album News : Redbird already released on iTunes
Posted by Bernd on 2005/8/1 20:06:14 (2054 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova's new album Redbird is already available on the iTunes Music Store in several countries (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain).

[edit by Ben] Be careful though, as some of the tracks are in the wrong order... Grab them while they're hot!


Website News : Complete Redbird Lyrics
Posted by gerd on 2005/8/1 16:22:19 (3017 reads)
Website News

This website now contains the complete lyrics to Redbird, Heather's latest album. These lyrics are intended to accurately represent Heather Nova's actual recording of Redbird. Each song has been carefully transcribed by Cassander with help and advice provided by the HeatherNova.Net community. Each section of a song's lyrics (Verse, Chorus, Break, etc.) has been labeled so as to make it easier to refer to the different sections of each song.

Complete Redbird lyrics

Heather Nova News : Heather Nova interviewed by her fans
Posted by gerd on 2005/7/30 0:15:32 (1662 reads)
Heather Nova News

For the promotion of Redbird, Heather Nova answered a collection of questions from the fans. This interview is a cooperative work between and Special thanks to Heinz Lamers from

Read and discuss the interview here:

Heather answers questions from her fans

Heather Nova Concert News : Redbird Tour Line-up
Posted by gerd on 2005/7/29 23:56:05 (1579 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

The band line-up for the Redbird Tour will be

Heather Nova on vocals and guitar
Berit Fridahl on guitar
Matt Round on bass
Laurie Jenkins on drums
Simon Stafford on keyboards

and in London:
Nadia Lanman on cello

Heather Nova Concert News : Very special guest for London show (Sep. 30th)
Posted by Ben on 2005/7/29 11:52:36 (1605 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

On July 28th, a new post from Heather on the official site revealed a very pleasant surprise: famed (and missed) cellist Nadia Lanman will once again play with Heather, albeit for one night only. Be there or be square!

Here's Heather's announcement:

summer heat. looking forward to being back on the road - festivals first. then in the fall a tour with your old favourites on stage - berit on guitar, laurie on drums, matt on bass and a new keyboard player, simon, who has a few other tricks up his sleeve.

some treats along the way: in shepherds bush nadia lanman, who many of you will remember as the very lovely and talented cellist will make a guest appearance - something i very much look forward to... anyway, stay cool. and see you soon.


Sadly, Nadia had to stop playing with Heather because of pain in her hands. We hope her reappearance means she's getting better.

Heather Nova Album News : "Welcome" available as a download-only single
Posted by gerd on 2005/7/24 21:33:51 (1858 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Welcome is already released. It's not available as maxi CD or as single CD. It's only available for download in AAC format on the iTunes Music Store (in Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, but not [yet] in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden) and in WMA format on the VirginMega website (in French and from France only).

Two songs are available for 0.99 Euro each or 1.49 Euro for both.

01. Welcome (Radio Version) 3:33
02. Welcome (Album Version) 4:18

Heather Nova Album News : "Welcome": first single info, cover and video
Posted by Ben on 2005/7/20 12:10:08 (1994 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

On the homepage of Heather's official site, you will find the cover art for Redbird's first single, Welcome, which is derived from one of the new promo pics. Along with it is a picture from the set of the accompanying video. It features Heather in a sexy mermaid-like dress, hair flying, with the sea and the sky behind her. No word yet on the place where it was shot.

Much like Drink It In from Storm, Welcome seems to be only a promotional single, meaning it has a video but won't get a public release, in France and in Germany at least. Copies have been sent out, featuring the radio edit (3:30) and the the album version (4:15) of Welcome. You can see a picture of this CD in the forums of the German fansite.

Heather Nova Album News : New Heather Nova single "Welcome" released August 1st
Posted by Bernd on 2005/7/11 14:16:42 (1915 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova's first single Welcome from her upcoming album Redbird will most likely be released on August 1st, just one week before the album release.

Heather Nova Album News : Lyrics from new Heather Nova album Redbird
Posted by Bernd on 2005/7/6 13:06:45 (1803 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

For all Heather Nova lyrics from her upcoming album Redbird, read here:

(with thanks to Heinz)

Heather Nova News : Heather Nova's birthday today (July 6)
Posted by Bernd on 2005/7/6 0:22:23 (1855 reads)
Heather Nova News

Happy birthday, Heather!

Heather Nova Net's Happy Birthday Heather Congratulations Thread:

Heather Nova Album News : Redbird's modified tracklisting + first single
Posted by Ben on 2005/7/4 16:52:18 (1780 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather's track-by-track description of Redbird on the official site hints at a slight change in the tracklisting for her 6th studio album. Wicked Game, the Chris Isaak cover, is now track #7 instead of #10.

Already released on North American versions of South in 2001 and 2002, Welcome (co-written by Dido) will be the first single off Redbird in France.

Here's the modified tracklisting, at least for the Froggies:

01. Welcome 4:19
02. I Miss My Sky (Amelia Earhart's Last Days) 5:05
03. Motherland 4:26
04. Redbird 4:16
05. Done Drifting 4:10
06. Overturned 3:27
07. Wicked Game 4:51
08. Mesmerised 4:14
09. Singing You Through 4:11
10. A Way To Live 3:52
11. This Body 3:47
12. The Sun Will Always Rise 4:43

Total Time 51:21

Heather Nova Concert News : Special Tour Guests
Posted by gerd on 2005/6/29 16:03:16 (1669 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Special tour guests are announced for the gigs in Braunschweig and Leipzig. The band is called

The National

The press info describes their music as a fusion of Wilco, the Tindersticks and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Their latest record, Alligator, is among this year's best so far, says Ben.

Click here for their website.
Click here for various reviews.

Heather Nova Album News : Redbird French release date
Posted by Ben on 2005/6/28 16:30:52 (1683 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Redbird is expected to be released in France on Tuesday, September 6th, 4 weeks later than in Germany.

Heather Nova Album News : Heather Nova - The redbird has flown
Posted by gerd on 2005/6/19 15:04:20 (1709 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

A new interview with Heather Nova is released. It's called:

Heather Nova - The redbird has flown
Heather Nova on her new record, motherhood and creative freedom

Read and discuss the full interview in the forums Interview - The redbird has flown

(Thanks to Saltwater Ltd. and )

Heather Nova Album News : Redbird Release Date
Posted by gerd on 2005/6/18 1:17:49 (1554 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Redbird will be released on the 8th of August 2005 . It's official.

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova gig in Offenbach, Germany?
Posted by Bernd on 2005/6/12 16:43:11 (1646 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

The German ticket seller already sells tickets for a Heather Nova concert on
Mon, October 10th in Offenbach, Germany.
Venue: Capitol. Offenbach is located very close to Frankfurt/Main.

Heather Nova Concert News : New Heather Nova tour dates in Europe in October 2005
Posted by Bernd on 2005/6/10 12:34:08 (1710 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

New Heather Nova tour dates in Europe in October 2005:

Mon, October 3rd: Paris, France (Le Bataclan)
Tue, October 4th: Utrecht, Netherlands (Vredenburg)
Wed, October 5th: Lucerne, Switzerland (Luzernsaal)
Mon, October 17th: Stockholm, Sweden
Tue, October 18th: Gothenburg, Sweden (Trädgår´n)
Wed, October 19th: Oslo, Norway (Rockefeller Music Hall)
Fri, October 21st: Copenhagen, Denmark (Amager Bio)
Tue, October 25th: Groningen, Netherlands

The actual venues are not yet all announced.

These gigs were included in the press information about Redbird.
Click on this text to see the complete press release information .

Many thanks to Heinz from !

Edit by Gerd 2005-06-13: venues added for Luzern, Utrecht and Oslo.
Edit by Gerd 2005-06-14: venue for Copenhagen added.
Edit by Bernd 2005-06-17: venue for Gothenburg added.

Heather Nova Album News : Press information about Redbird
Posted by gerd on 2005/6/9 23:42:54 (1622 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

"Redbird", Heather's sixth studio album, is quite different to her previous album "Storm",which had been a return to acoustic basics. The positive experience of recording "Storm" in one place, unlike her previous albums that had mostly been recorded in gaps between her heavy touring schedule, was also the basis for recording "Redbird", but Heather felt a more "rockier" feel to the music best suited the collection of songs that she had written.....

for the full article, see here:

(thanks to Heinz from

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