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Heather Nova Concert News : Free Heather Nova Open Air Concert At Bermuda
Posted by gerd on 2007/5/13 11:18:00 (1862 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

The first Heather Nova concert in 2007 will be a free open air concert in Hamilton, Bermuda, entitled Heather Nova And Friends - Festival Of Music. The festival will happen on saturday, June 9th 2007 at the Arboretum Park. About 1500 to 2000 visitors are expected. Fiona Pears will be support act as well as ATB, Geoffrey Oryema, olybhosh and Joy Barnum.

The Festival is presented by Greenrock, who already presented the "Save the Gardens" celebration in november last year. Greenrock is a non-profit organisation working to encourage social and environmental harmony in Bermuda, through education and entertainment.

Details about the concert will be added at the Greenrock website
Heather Nova And Friends.

Many thanks to Erin Moran and Dave Zuill from Greenrock for the information.

Heather Nova Album News : Album Release: ATB - Trilogy (featuring Heather Nova)
Posted by gerd on 2007/4/27 19:17:00 (2679 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

The new ATB album Trilogy is now released in Germany. Heather Nova has cowritten three songs on it and is singing on all three songs as well.

The tracks with Heather Nova on Trilogy are:

03. Renegade (05:36)
05. Stars Come Out (03:27)
07. Made Of Glass (04:18)

The album version of Renegade differs from the already released 3 versions on the CD Single.

Heather Nova Album News : CD-Single Release: ATB with Heather Nova: Renegade
Posted by gerd on 2007/4/13 18:30:00 (4059 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Today the CD-Single Renegade by ATB with Heather Nova was released.

The CD-Single features 3 tracks and a video.

The tracklist is:

1. Renegade - Airplay Mix (03:56)
2. Renegade - A&T Mix (10:15)
3. Renegade - Ronski Speed Remix (06:26)

Renegade - The Video (in size 352x288 pixels) (03:59)

The Renegade Video was shot in Buenos Airos with Heather Nova and ATB on March 10th as already reported. The cover is the same we already posted:

Heather Nova News : Two More Songs from Heather Nova and ATB
Posted by Cassander on 2007/3/28 18:42:01 (2290 reads)
Heather Nova News

Heather Nova's official site has a message from her about her recent collaboration with ATB. She has co-written three songs with ATB: Renegade, Stars Come Out, and Made of Glass. All three will appear on ATB's upcoming album, Trilogy, available for pre-order on

Trilogy (1-CD edition)
Trilogy (2-CD limited edition)

EDIT: Heather Nova has not only co-written these three songs, she also does sing on them!

Heather Nova News : New CD Single: ATB featuring Heather Nova - Renegade
Posted by gerd on 2007/3/20 23:46:08 (2109 reads)
Heather Nova News

The new ATB single Renegade featuring Heather Nova can now be preordered at
The CD single costs just 6,99 Euro and you might receive it starting April 13th, which is the official released date.

The cover of the CD-Single will be the same as we announced already.

Heather Nova News : New Vinyl Single: ATB featuring Heather Nova - Renegade
Posted by gerd on 2007/3/13 17:20:07 (2517 reads)
Heather Nova News

The new CD-Single Renegade, we announced recently, a collaboration with ATB, is already available as 12" Vinyl Single since march 9th, 2007.

The 12" Vinyl Single contains just two songs so, which are:

Renegade - A&T Mix (10:15)
Renegade - Ronski Speed Remix (6.26)

The CD-Single will contain an additional Radio Mix and probably the Video Clip of Renegade and maybe some photos.

Here are the front and back covers of the single:

Heather Nova News : New CD Single: ATB featuring Heather Nova - Renegade
Posted by gerd on 2007/3/11 20:19:00 (2697 reads)
Heather Nova News

There will be a new CD single out by ATB, called Renegade, which is another collaboration by Andre Tanneberger (ATB) with Heather Nova. There was a videoshooting for Renegade in Buenos Aires on March 10th with Heather Nova for this new CD single, which will be released on April 13th, 2007.

The CD single will be as well on the new album Trilogy of ATB, which will be released 2 weeks later. You can order the albums in two different versions already at

This will most likely be the cover of the new ATB CD single:

Website News : Tabs Section
Posted by gerd on 2007/2/23 0:17:53 (2140 reads)
Website News

We are pleased to announce our new Tabs section here!

The Tabs were created by our member Estellem after close analysis of Heather Nova's songs. Estellem did a great job! You will not find just all album versions alone, there are already special versions added as well. Our aim is to have a complete Heather Nova Tabs Section soon. So enjoy our new section!

If you are in doubt with some tabs or have any questions about it, don't hesitate to contact Estellem.

Heather Nova News : Wonderfully Whiffy Heather Nova Candle 2007
Posted by gerd on 2007/2/3 15:35:18 (3738 reads)
Heather Nova News

There will be a new Wonderfully Whiffy Heather Nova Candle launched on March 10th, 2007.

The Heather Nova Candle has a scent of fresh coconut combined with vanilla orchid, features Heather's signature and most likely comes with a newly designed insert card featuring a photograph of Heather. The new candle is smaller (20cl glass jar) than the previous one, which is reflected in the price of 14.50 British Pounds. 3.50 British Pounds of it will be donated to a charity of Heather's choice.

Starting today you can preorder this limited Heather Nova Candle in the online shop of the Wonderfully Whiffy website. For more information about the candle check out Wonderfully Whiffy Limited Editions

Here is a picture of it:

[added on 2007-02-13]:
It is now confirmed that this card comes along with the candle:

Thanks to Teddy McDonald from Wonderfully Whiffy for the information and the pictures.

Website News : Happy Birthday HNN and Happy New Year 2007
Posted by Cassander on 2007/1/1 0:00:00 (2171 reads)
Website News

Today marks the second anniversary of Heather Nova Net. Let's take a look back at the last year...

On January 1st, 2006, Heather Nova Net turned one year old. Having been born out of the ashes of NovaForums a year earlier, it was now time for the second year of craziness following our Bermudian namesake and inspiration. And Bermuda is exactly where we started.

The Together As One CD had been released in December 2005, but only to stores in Bermuda, most of which did not ship internationally. But by working with the Bermuda Sloop Foundation and, we were able to offer a special international release of this CD and distribute it to fans worldwide.

The Bermuda Sloop Foundation announced that Heather Nova would be performing at the July launch of the Spirit of Bermuda in Rockport, Maine. Unfortunately, this first American performance in years never happened since the date of launch got pushed back and Heather Nova would no longer be able to attend.

The Intimate Evening Tour hit the road with 10 dates in 5 countries, including Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, and the UK. Featuring Fiona Pears on violin and Ian Tilley on piano, the concerts were notable for brand new acoustic versions of classic and rare Heather Nova songs, including some that had never been performed live or had not been performed live in many years. As a special bonus, in two concerts, Luxembourg and Tongeren, Heather Nova played a long-desired, first-time-ever acoustic version of Sugar. One sorrowjoy poem was also performed at each gig to go along with the sorrowjoy CD that was being sold. All gigs were sold out.

Heather Nova also made a special video for the Bring the Elephant HOME charity, benefiting the rescue of elephants in Thailand.

In April, Heather Nova Net once again made a new CD available worldwide, this time the sorrowjoy CD that had only been available at the Intimate Evening concerts, featuring 44 poems read by Heather Nova and set to music mixed by her husband, Felix Tod. In addition, a video for Done Drifting was released on Heather Nova's official site, The Pic Tournament also began in May, with forums members choosing their favorite Heather Nova artwork, album covers, and concert pictures to compete.

The final match of the Pic Tournament began at the end of May, featuring two concert photos, with one taken by Gerd in Tongeren and nominated by Fritz beating out a another taken and nominated by Jelger at Crossing Border to gain the title of favorite picture.

Heather Nova started June off with an unannounced gig in Munich, which was a private promotion for Munich Airlines' new direct service to Bermuda. Also during June, forums members competed in two different World Cup pools, with Gerd coming out on top in one and Jadamur in the other.

We wished Heather Nova a happy 39th birthday and the Summer Tour began with three gigs at the Belgian “Suikerrock”, Swiss “Funny Farm”, and Austrian “Poolbar”. The concerts were “rockier” than the March tour and featured Nikolaj Bjerre on drums, Matt Round on bass, Berit Fridahl on guitars, and Simon Stafford on keyboards. No Blue Balls this year, though.

The Summer Tour continued in The Netherlands and Belgium, with concerts in The Hague, Eindhoven, and Lokeren. Antionette van de Water, the founder of the Bring the Elephant HOME, sold merchandise to support her charity at the Dutch gigs. Some concert pictures taken by Gerd and signed by Heather Nova were also sold in support of the charity. Additionally, the largest fan gatherings of Heather Nova Net members were at the Dutch gigs, with fans attending from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, and the United States.

Additionally, we heard rumors in August of Heather Nova writing songs for a new album and the possibility of an album of unreleased tracks. And at Heather Nova Net, Chessimprov brought us the idea of the “questions” threads, which have taken the forums by storm. In the last few months, members both old and new have been asked hundreds of crazy questions!

“Dancing”, a collaboration with vocals by Heather Nova, was released by Mensano (Mirko von Schlieffen) on his MySpace site. Also in September, French radio station, Ouï FM released Ouï FM Rock Acoustic CD, which featured an acoustic version of Wicked Game that Heather Nova had recorded at their studios. Finally, at the end of September, the Bermuda Sloop Foundation's Spirit of Bermuda, which had launched from Maine in August, now arrived in Bermuda, with Heather Nova performing at a ceremony welcoming the vessel.

Heather Nova participated in a “Wet Paint Auction” in Bermuda to support the Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation.

Heather Nova performed at Save The Gardens “family day”, which was held to protest the planned destruction of the Botanical Gardens in Bermuda. Ultimately, the protest was successful and the Gardens will remain. At Heather Nova Net, the sorrowjoy Tournament began.

Heather Nova Net held it's second Advent Calendar in December, featuring 24 days of photos, articles, recordings and videos from throughout Heather Nova's career, all capped off with a riddle contest giving away various Heather Nova items. Congratulations to the winners!

I'd like to thank everyone who helped make 2006 a great year for us, including Gerd, Bernd, Darren, Heather's band and crew, Alan Burland from The Bermuda Sloop Foundation, Antionette van de Water from Bring the Elephant HOME, Felix Tod, and, of course, Heather Nova. Most of all, however, I'd like to thank all the fans who have supported us throughout the last year. Thank you.

Please continue making our community a special place and please join me in wishing Heather Nova Net a happy second birthday.

Happy New Year!


Website News : Christmas 2006
Posted by gerd on 2006/12/24 0:00:00 (2008 reads)
Website News

2006 has been another great Heather Nova year! There was the Intimate Evening Tour With Heather Nova in march and a rocking tour in summer! I'm very happy I could join all the concerts and to present as much information as possible to all who couldn't join the concerts.

We've had approximately 120 new members/friends join HNN in the last 12 months, which is absolutely fantastic! I think this a result of our team effort, the result of all admins who work on the project and of course as well of the members who are actively posting in the forums. Thanks so much to all of you!

Another thank you goes to all the officials and last but not least to Heather Nova for supporting our community.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Heather Nova News : Heather Nova's little concert at the Botanical Gardens of Hamilton, Bermuda
Posted by gerd on 2006/11/20 21:59:30 (2167 reads)
Heather Nova News

Hundreds of people joined the celebration on sunday, november 19th, of not building a hospital at the ground of the Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Bermuda, which is a victory for the "Save the Gardens" project ( ).

Among other artists performing on the stage in front of Camden House, Heather Nova played a five song gig there, which included Motherland. As a finale Heather Nova sang "Three Little Birds" from Bob Marley together with all the other performers of the festival.

Read the article "Hundreds turn out for Gardens party" of Bermuda's newspaper The Royale Gazette for more details of this celebration.

Heather Nova Album News : New Heather Nova album recorded probably next summer
Posted by Bernd on 2006/11/16 16:45:29 (2423 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova is currently writing songs for the new album and she hopes to record next summer.

Besides, she will sing on sunday, November 19, in the afternoon at the free "family day" of the "Save The Gardens" campaign in the Botanical Gardens of Bermuda. There had been plans to built a hospital in the Botanical Gardens, and Heather Nova protested against the plans, because parts of the gardens had to be destroyed. In the meanwhile, the plans were delayed. Heather Nova will sing approximately 20 minutes.


Website News : Heather Nova Live Pictures For Sale
Posted by gerd on 2006/10/29 2:34:07 (2051 reads)
Website News

On the recent Heather Nova Summer Tour 2006 you had the chance to buy Heather Nova live pictures at the Bring The Elephant HOME stand in The Hague and in Eindhoven.

There are a few pictures left, which can be bought now here! Most of them are signed by Heather!

All proceeds from the selling of these pics will go the the Bring The Elephant HOME project, which Heather is supporting.

For details which pictures are available please go to Bring The Elephant HOME thread in our forums.

Heather Nova News : Heather Nova supporting the Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation
Posted by gerd on 2006/10/6 22:50:54 (1941 reads)
Heather Nova News

A Wet Paint Auction is being held this Saturday, October 7th, 2006 in support of the newly-founded Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation, the proceeds of which will be used towards the renovation and rebuilding of the foundation’s new home – at the former Elliott School on Jubilee Road.

"The idea behind this event, is that participants will spend the day creating works of art around Hamilton, which will then be auctioned off to the public that evening," Ms Rodriguez Roberts said.

Heather Nova is among a number of artists who have agreed to participate; artists Graham Foster, Jo Birdsey-Linberg and Gabriela Brunner also plan to donate already completed art pieces to the auction.

Read more details about the event at Bermuda's Newspaper The Royal Gazette.

For comments and discussions about this event please visit our forums.

thanks to minicooper for the information

B. Sloop Foundation : Heather Nova performs at the arrival of the "Spirit Of Bermuda"
Posted by gerd on 2006/9/19 22:39:00 (2099 reads)
B. Sloop Foundation

The Bermudian style vessel "The Spirit of Bermuda", which was built as a training ship for the Bermudian youth will arrive at its destination Hamilton, Bermuda on September 30th, 2006. The ship's permanent home will be in Dockyard. Bermudians and residents are invited to inspect the ship during an open house at Dockyard on October 1 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

There will be a big celebration in the afternoon of the arrival and the highlight will be the performance by two of Bermuda's premiere entertainers, Heather Nova and Shine Hayward.

Read more about the event on the website of the Bermudian newspaper The Royal Gazette.

Thanks to MiniCooper for this information.

Heather Nova News : A sampler with an acoustic version of Heather Nova's "Wicked Game" released
Posted by Bernd on 2006/9/12 21:41:06 (2563 reads)
Heather Nova News

In France, a sampler "Ouï FM Rock Acoustic" with acoustic sessions recorded at Ouï FM radio was released on August 28th 2006 on the french V2 label, record number VVR1039222. It contains acoustic songs from Stereophonics and Placebo to Mercury Rev. Heather contributed an acoustic version of Wicked Game (originally by Chris Isaak). Heather played Motherland as well at her acoustic session, but this song is not on this album. The acoustic session with Heather Nova was recorded already in 2005.
You can order the CD for example on ( or ( The song is also on French iTunes.

Thanks to MiniCooper for the initial information!

Heather Nova News : New Heather Nova song! (Mensano feat. Heather Nova: Dancing)
Posted by Bernd on 2006/9/6 22:13:47 (3429 reads)
Heather Nova News

Heather Nova did a new song. On the new dance album from Mensano, Heather Nova is giving vocals on the song "Dancing". Mensano (Mirko von Schlieffen) is a German artist who was also part of the electronic music project "Schiller". The song will be the first single. The video with Mensano and Heather Nova will be shot in October.

For listening to the song and more information about Mensano, go to the MySpace site from Mensano: (you can also find the lyrics there). The MySpace website is in German language.

Website News : Win a Heather Nova Live 2006 Picture
Posted by gerd on 2006/8/17 22:41:05 (2077 reads)
Website News

You can win one out of three Heather Nova live pictures from her recent Summer Tour 2006. You can even choose the picture you can win. The picture size will be 20x30cm in high quality. It is a real photo, not a computer print. All you need to do is to post the name of your favourite picture from the concert in Tienen 2006.

To check out the pictures that can be choosen, go here:

To vote for your favourite picture, tell in the forums which one you like most:
Win a heather nova live 2006 picture

For posting at the forums you need to register, but it is free of course. No charges will apply. So get your chance to win!

Voting ends on August 28th 2006, noon, central european time.

Good luck!

Heather Nova Album News : New Heather Nova Albums
Posted by gerd on 2006/8/8 21:40:13 (2379 reads)
Heather Nova Album News

Heather Nova is writing songs for her new album! There is no album release date planned yet.

Besides that, there are considerations to release an album with all her unreleased recorded tracks. Among them probably "When/If The Music Stops", which was recorded for Redbird, but finally didn't make it on the album.

many thanks to heather for this information

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova in Lokeren, Belgium, Grote Kaai, August 5, 2006
Posted by gerd on 2006/8/7 16:04:51 (1843 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

The last concert of Heather Nova's summer tour 2006 was part of the ten days long Lokerse festival in Lokeren (Belgium). On the second day of the festival about 13000 people came to see A Brand, Heather Nova, Texas and Hermanos Inglesos.

Heather Nova and band entered the huge festival stage at 21:30. The setlist was similar to the one from Tienen and without acoustic part. Three songs, I miss my Sky, Someone New and Make you Mine were the additional songs of her 70 minute gig.

The setlist: Maybe An Angel / Heart And Shoulder / Motherland / Redbird / Walk This World / I Miss My Sky / Winterblue / Done Drifting / London Rain / Island / All I Need / Someone New / Make You Mine / Sugar

A bunch of people said good bye when the tour bus left the festival area at midnight. There are no plans yet for the next tour.

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova in Eindhoven, Holland, De Effenaar, August 3, 2006
Posted by gerd on 2006/8/4 12:41:19 (1851 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Heather Nova played her second dutch concert of the summer tour 2006 in Eindhoven. The venue De Effenaar, which fits 1300 people, was sold out.

Support act in Eindhoven was the dutch band Silvan. Their music is similar to coldplay and radiohead. They played a 45 minutes gig starting 20:15.

Heather Nova started her 90 minutes set at 21:20. Like in The Hague Heather played two acoustic songs in the middle of the concert. The first time on this tour she played New Love. Before playing Everytime Heather explained how the song was made and finally made it on the album, after the recordings were already done. Someone New returned to the setlist, this time as encore.

The setlist: Maybe An Angel / Heart And Shoulder / Motherland / Redbird / I Wanna Be Your Light / Walk This World / I Miss My Sky / New Love (acoustic song 1) / Everytime (acoustic song 2) / Winterblue / Done Drifting / London Rain / Island / All I Need / Just Been Born / Make You Mine Encore 1: Drink It In / Someone New Encore 2: Sugar

Antoinette van de Water from the Bring The Elephant Home project was again present with a merchandising stand and it was another chance to buy signed Heather Nova live pictures there!

Friday is a day off for Heather Nova.

Next concert: saturday, august 5th, 2006, Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren (Belgium).

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova in The Hague, Paard van Troje, The Hague, August 2, 2006
Posted by gerd on 2006/8/3 11:52:21 (1874 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Heather Nova's second indoor concert on her summer tour 2006 happened at the Paard Van Troje in The Hague. About 1200 people joined the gig and it was again sold out.

The dutch support act SneakerFreak started their half hour long gig at about 20:30.

Heather Nova`s 95 minutes concerts started at about 21:30. Heather suprised with 2 acoustic songs in the middle of the set. She played Spirit In You solo and Everytime accompanied by Simon Stafford on keyboard. Different from the 2 gigs before Someone New was not on the setlist this time. Another suprise was the start of the first encore with Drink It In. Another great show of Heather, her band and the complete team.

The setlist: Maybe An Angel / Heart And Shoulder / Motherland / Redbird / I Wanna Be Your Light / Walk This World / I Miss My Sky / Spirit In You (acoustic song 1) / Everytime (acoustic song 2) / Winterblue / Done Drifting / London Rain / Island / All I Need / Just Been Born / Make You Mine Encore 1: Drink It In / Fool For You / Blue Black Encore 2: Sugar

Beside Heather's merchandising stand there was another stand from the Bring The Elephant HOME project, where Heather is an ambassador of. The founder Antionette van de Water and her team were collecting money for their project by selling t-shirts, jewellery and other nice little things. You could also buy Heather Nova live photos from the concerts in 2005. All were signed by Heather and all proceeds are going to Antoinette's project. The photos were a donation from to support the project and all were sold.

Next Heather Nova concert: thursday, august 3rd, 2006, De Effenaar, Eindhoven (The Netherlands). Support act is the band Silvan. information and merchandising of the Bring The Elephant HOME project will be available.

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova in Feldkirch, Austria, Poolbar Festival, July 31, 2006
Posted by gerd on 2006/8/1 2:21:43 (1717 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

The first indoor concert of Heather Nova on her summer tour 2006 happened at the Poolbar Festival in Feldkirch, Austria. The festival has a tradition of more then 10 years and lasts usually up to 6 weeks in summer.

The venue is a modified old public bath. well the public bath itself is meanwhile is a dance floor. The concert happed on the second floor. it was with nearly 1000 people kinda sold out!

The support act was cancelled due to illness.

Heather's gig was expected to start at 9 pm. The beginning was delayed as Heather did an interview for the austrian tv channel ORF. The interview will be broadcasted on ORF (Vorarlberg Heute) at 7 pm on tuesday.

It was the definitely best gig so far on the tour. Very good sound, great audience, Heather played a second encore this time.

The setlist: Maybe An Angel / Heart And Shoulder / Motherland / Redbird / I Wanna Be Your Light / Walk This World / I Miss My Sky / Winterblue / Done Drifting / London Rain / Island / All I Need / Just Been Born / Someone New / Make You Mine Encore 1: Fool For You / Blue Black Encore 2: Sugar

On tuesday, august 1st is a day off for Heather her band,.

Next Heather Nova concert: wednesday, august 2nd, 2006, Paard van Troje, The Hague (The Netherlands).

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova in Interlaken, Switzerland, Funny Farm, on July 30, 2006
Posted by gerd on 2006/7/31 11:58:32 (1735 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Heather Nova played her second concert of her summer tour in Interlaken, (Switzerland), which lies between 2 lakes surround by 4000m high montains. The stage where she played belongs to the backpacker hostel called Funny Farm and is directly attached to the house. a nice little open air venue with little hills and a forest at the end of the area. It was the premier for this stage.

The concert was announced only 4 weeks ago, but at least about 300+ people joined the gig. a mixture of fans, people who are doing holidays there and people from switzerland joined.

It become luckily cloudy before Heather and band hit the stage, as the stage is not protected against sunlight and the sunlight was quite disturbing durich the soundcheck. As there was a beach volleyball field filled with sand directly before the stage, the audience preffered to watch from the distance. kids were playing in the sand. all in sum a nice atmosphere.

The suport act, Julian Heidenreich, started at 7 pm and played around 25 minutes. Julian was already support act of Heather at the german concert of the Redbird Tour in autumn 2005.

After his show, most of the people went back to the pool, watching a little show of a stuntman.

Heather and band started then at 8 pm. They played a complete set, about 90 minutes long. The song selection was similar to the those of the Redbird Tour.

The setlist: Maybe An Angel / Heart And Shoulder / Motherland / Redbird / I Wanna Be Your Light / Walk This World / I Miss My Sky / Winterblue / Done Drifting / London Rain / Island / All I Need / Just Been Born / Someone New / Make You Mine Encore: Fool For You / Sugar

Next Heather Nova concert: monday, July 31, 2006, Poolbar Festival ("Altes Hallenbad"), Feldkirch, Austria

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova played Tienen, Suikerrock, on July 29, 2006
Posted by Bernd on 2006/7/29 23:15:07 (1818 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Heather Nova started her six concert summer tour today in Tienen, Belgium at Suikerrock festival. "Suiker" is the Dutch word for "Sugar", as Tienen is famous for its sugar production. Of course, Heather didn't forget to play the song Sugar in Tienen.

The setlist: Maybe An Angel / Heart And Shoulder / Motherland / Redbird / Walk This World / Winterblue / Done Drifting / London Rain / Island / All I Need / Sugar . The songs Winterblue and Done Drifting were merged together and played without a break in between.

The two songs Someone New and Make You Mine were on the setlist right before Sugar, but unfortunately not played, because the concert started a bit later than scheduled and therefore the setist had to be shortened.

Notable was that Laurie Jenkins, the supposed drummer on this tour, skipped the Heather Nova summer tour, because he had to work right now with Howie Day in Indiana (, and was replaced with Danish drummer Nikolaj Bjerre (, who did his job well.

The weather was sunny at 27°C, attendance approx. 3.500 to 4.000 people.

Thanks to Gerd for this information.

Any help with writing comments about the gigs, is highly appreciated here: Heather Nova summer tour discussion board - You need to register before posting messages. Thanks.

Next Heather Nova concert: Sunday, July 30, 2006, Live at Funny Farm, Interlaken, Switzerland

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova Net live coverage
Posted by Bernd on 2006/7/24 13:14:31 (1717 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

Less than one week to go, and the Heather Nova star hits Europe again! This time, she will play in Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland.

Like on previous Heather Nova tours, many HNN members will visit the tour concerts.

Therefore we want to present you live coverage of all Heather Nova gigs again. We will give you up to date information about the setlist and other facts. Also, we will write our impressions about the gigs. Please check HNN regularily, it will be worth...

The more helpers, the better! Any help with writing comments about the gigs, is highly appreciated here: Heather Nova summer tour discussion board - You need to register before posting messages. Thanks.

Heather Nova Concert News : New Heather Nova Tour Date
Posted by Bernd on 2006/7/10 16:58:51 (1940 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

A new Heather Nova tour date for this summer is announced. Heather will play on Sunday, July 30, 2006 at 20:00 an open air concert " at "Funny Farm" in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Tickets for CHF 38 can already be bought at (Beo Tickets). The supporting act is Julian Heidenreich at 18:00. He was supporting act in germany on the fall tour dates in germany.

The concert in Interlaken completes the summer tour dates. There will be no further gigs in summer. Here are all tour dates for this summer:

Saturday, July 29, 2006, Suikerrock, Tienen, Belgium
Sunday, July 30, 2006, Live at Funny Farm, Interlaken, Switzerland
Monday, July 31, 2006, Poolbar Festival, Feldkirch, Austria
Wednesday, August 2, 2006, Paard van Troje, The Hague, The Netherlands
Thursday, August 3, 2006, Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Saturday, August 5, 2006, Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren, Belgium

All concerts dates are confirmed.

Thanks to Steve Abbott for this information

Heather Nova News : Heather Nova's birthday, today, july 6th
Posted by gerd on 2006/7/6 0:01:00 (1909 reads)
Heather Nova News

happy birthday, dear heather

for the fans who like to congratulate her, please go here

Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova Summer Tour 2006 Lineup
Posted by gerd on 2006/6/26 22:36:50 (1813 reads)
Heather Nova Concert News

The Band for Heather Nova's upcoming rocking shows in summer 2006 has been confirmed.
It will be the same band as on the tour in autumn 2005:

Heather Nova (vocals and guitars)
Laurie Jenkins (drums)
Matt Round (bass)
Berit Fridahl (guitars)
Simon Stafford (keyboards)

Thanks to Steve Abbott for this information.

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