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Heather Nova Concert News : Heather Nova's ex-cellist Nadia Lanman selling her cello
Posted by Bernd on 2005/9/16 9:11:36 (1974 reads)

Nadia Lanman, Heather Nova's long-year cellist, tried to sell her cello on eBay. The auction ended on September 17 with no bids. The starting bid was GBP 1,850.00.


Condition: Used

This professional quality electric cello (made in 1996) is in superb condition. It provides the modern performer with effortless power, superb sound, the widest possible pitch range, & the full potential offered by modern electronics.

Pick up System

The cello is fitted with a pick up that amplifies horizontal vibrations (where all the rich complexities of sound occur on a bowed string). Additionally, a series of specially damped chambers within the bridge, impart an acoustic type sound to the amplification, resulting in a highly natural sound.


The pick up system provides a superb sound even with the simplest amplification. Elaborate EQ and processing is not essential. The usual problems associated with the piezo transducers, such a bow noise, are virtually eliminated. The pick up is a high impedance, high output device. A preamp is not normally necessary, but impedance matching is essential to retain the quality of the sound when the pick up is used with any amplification device without a very high impedance input.

Selling for 1850. Would be 3345 if bought new.

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