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Heather Nova News : Second statement from Heather Nova about fake signatures
Posted by Bernd on 2011/6/30 21:49:35 (2068 reads)
Heather Nova News

Second statement from Heather Nova about the fake signatures, dated from today (June 30):

a personal note from heather about your signed cd

dear friends and fans of my music

by now you will have received a personal letter of apology from my manager, but i would like to again address this very ugly situation of the false signatures that went out on some of the cd/dvds that were ordered on pledge. i cant tell you how sad and sick and angry i feel over the whole thing. my fans are so important to me and integrity has always been my priority both in my personal and professional life, so this has really hit me hard. you and i have both been very let down by this.

what really makes me sad is that i literally spent weeks working on the pledge items - making all the hand painted tshirts, lyric sheets, hand painted cd covers etc, and taking the time to make them all special because it's important to me to give something of high quality. now that this has happened with the cds it has made some people wonder about the authenticity of all of it. let me assure you that every pledge item that was sent out was authentic aside from the group of special edition cds that went out with fake signatures.

what seems to have happened is that although i signed all the cds, by mistake my management had given me too many of the regular cds and not enough of the special edition ones to sign but didnt realize this until they started packing them up to send, after i had left germany. what they should have done at this point of course was to call me and tell me of the problem so that we could have worked out how to get those cds to me to sign. but instead they were worried about missing the deadline and took it upon themselves to sign my name on the extra ones. obviously a very bad choice as it is essentially forgery. they knew i would never have allowed this so they didnt tell me. the first i knew of it was when a fan from the forum sent me a photo of the forged signature. (my management have told me that although they dont know the exact figure, there were in the region of 15-20 of them)

although i had no part in what went on and essentially i was as betrayed as you were, i still feel that because it is so closely attached to my music and my name and it happened under my pledge campaign, i would like to offer all of my fans a gift; i will put together a collection of unreleased demos and send them as an mp3 download to everyone who participated in the pledge campaign. (of course, in addition, my management will be making sure that anyone who received a cd with a fake signature will get a genuinely signed one asap)

i hope this will reset the atmosphere back to one of trust between us. i value your support and your loyalty and i hope that we can leave this incident in the past and focus on the positive - namely, the music.

i would like to add that although this was totally unethical behaviour on the part of my management, they are doing their best to rectify the situation and are very sorry indeed. many of you have asked if i will be firing my management but i will not. i had to look at the big picture and take all things into consideration. sometimes things like this are a wake-up call, and i believe that my management has learned from this and won't ever do anything like it again. at least not on my watch! in this case i felt that to forgive and move on (and make sure the damage was taken care of) was the best action. i hope you will too. in all other areas they are doing a great job.

once again, thank you so very much for your support, and I am deeply sorry for this unfortunate situation.

in good faith

heather nova

ps. if anyone is in any doubt as to the validity of their signed copy please see below. the image above is a fake and the one in silver is my genuine signature. although of course each of mine is not totally identical, you can clearly see there is a huge difference in style. i signed some of the cds in black and some in silver; some on the front cover and some on the back of the booklet. if you received a cd with a fake signature please contact my manager, ulysses, and he will send you a new one that has been genuinely signed by me.

1) FAKE signature
2) GENUINE signature

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