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Heather Nova News : Statement from Halbe Miete Management about the fake signatures
Posted by Bernd on 2011/6/27 18:12:35 (2519 reads)
Heather Nova News

Statement from Ulysses Hüppauff (Halbe Miete Management) about the fake signatures:


Here is an update on various Pledge topics:

During her European promo trip, Heather worked hard for several days signing all the cds and cd/dvds.

When the album was released and Heather flew back to Bermuda, we started to fulfill all pledges and send out the packages.

However – due to some internal chaos, we ran out of Heather's signed cds, and consequently some items went out with the wrong signature. This only affects a few of the Special Edition CDs (nothing else) and the amount of items involved was minimal.

Of course this is still totally unacceptable and I, as the owner of the management company, must take full responsibility for this. Also I want to make it clear that Heather was in no way involved in the problem with the wrong signatures, and knew nothing about it until now. She is understandably very upset as she spent a lot of time making all her pledge items, and wanted them all to be special for her fans.

Therefore, if you think you received one of the CDs with a wrong signature, please contact me directly on:

We have now ordered more CDs and Heather will sign them as soon as she is back in Europe in July. We will be sure to get these out to you as soon as possible so that you receive the original CD in its intended condition.

Apart from the above, all pledges have now been sent out except for the framed artwork and framed poster orders - this is due to some problems with the company providing the frames.

We know that the correct frames will be in very soon, so we can send out these orders ASAP.

In the event that you pledged for extra pieces besides the framed artwork or picture, and you would like to have the smaller items sent separately, again, please contact me directly so I can take care of the shipment.

Alternatively, if you would rather not wait any longer and wish to cancel the pledge for the framed picture we can obviously also arrange this.

Thanks so much for supporting Heather on her new album.

Again, please accept my sincere apologies for the the embarrassing situation with the signed Ltd. Edition CDs.

Best regards, Ulysses

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