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Heather Nova News : Statement from Heather Nova about fake signatures
Posted by Bernd on 2011/6/26 11:48:39 (2196 reads)
Heather Nova News

Some people recently ordered a signed Heather Nova CD or CD/DVD via Pledgemusic, but got an item with a fake signature.

If the signature you got looks like this, it is a genuine Heather Nova signature and it is ok:

If it looks totally different, for example like this (with or without dedication), it is a fake signature:

This is Heather's response about it:

thank you for letting me know about this. i am as horrified as you are to see this, and i cannot understand what has happened. i spent several hours signing all the cds and cd/dvds for the pledge campaign when i was in germany last month. i then handed them over to my management who were organizing the fulfillment. (packaging up and sending)

i agree with you - it is totally unethical, and i promise you i will get to the bottom of how/why this happened and make sure you receive one that has been genuinely signed by myself. i am just wondering where all my signed ones went. it is totally bizarre.

i think you are aware of how much respect and appreciation i have for my fans. i would never jeopardize the loyalty of my fans by authorizing something like this and i'm deeply upset that this has happened in association with my name and my music.

i have put in a call to my manager and am awaiting his reply. hopefully he will be able to shed some light on what has happened and why.

my sincere apologies, on behalf of whomever is responsible, that you were treated in this way.

kind regards

heather nova

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