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Website News : Happy Birthday HNN and Happy New Year 2008
Posted by Cassander on 2008/1/5 1:55:38 (2177 reads)
Website News

Happy New Years 2008!

(for Heather Nova's own New Years Message, scroll down or click here.)

New Years Day marks the third anniversary of this website in its current form and this is the third time we'll be looking back. This year, however, has been very different from the first two. There was no new album released and no new tour. But we have found a few new songs and even a new poem. There have been some hints about things to come. So as we look back, we'll also be looking forward to what's ahead.

The "questions to" threads that took HNN by storm in 2006 continued on in 2007, starting with Ben and Arne, followed soon after by the guy who brought the "questions to" idea to HNN, Chessimprov. Next, Sabine, Jelger, Chris91275, Perry, and Jadamur have all gotten their own threads, not to mention all of the questions piling up in existing threads, including a few "Crazy Question" contests. The threads were so active that a new sub-forum had to be created to hold them. So far, over 7000 posts have been made in the “questions to” threads alone!

Our special new Tabs section went live on Heather Nova Net, adding guitar transcriptions by Estellem for virtually every Heather Nova song! This added a whole new dimension to our discography and lyrics.

We learned about the release of the Heather Nova's latest Wonderfully Whiffy candle, featuring the “scent of fresh coconut combined with vanilla orchid.” Portions of each sale went to a charity of Heather Nova's choice.

Also in March, Andre Tanneberger (ATB) released a vinyl single of the song Renegade, which he wrote and performed with Heather Nova.

A CD single for Renegade was released which included three mixes of the song as well as a video they shot in Buenos Aires. ATB’s latest CD, Trilogy, was also released, and it featured two more songs written and performed with Heather Nova: Stars Come Out and Made of Glass.

We also had a new poem, of sorts, come out this month. Spunki noticed a poem included in Verona as performed in Berlin in 2001 that began with the line "while the city slept", a poem not found in "the sorrowjoy" collection of poems. When Bernd let us know about this new find, we transcribed the poem and even included it in the first round of the sorrowjoy tournament.

We learned that Greenrock, an environmental awareness organization in Bermuda, was planning a festival called “Heather Nova and Friends - Festival of Music” in June. Scheduled guests included Fiona Pears and ATB, among others.

Here on the boards, we finally finished the first round of the sorrowjoy tournament that we had started in November 2006, pitting 46 poems against each other to select 23 for the second round. Although turnout in this tournament was generally low, the passion was strong and so we kept the tournament going in our quest to explore Heather Nova's poems in our own way.

Additionally, with prices on eBay rising, Gerd acquired a big lot of "Mermaid" booklets and made them available for sale at cost in the latest “Fan Service”. The booklet was produced by a Heather Nova fan using photos captured by fans and excerpts from reviews and Heather Nova song lyrics.

Heather’s first and biggest concert of the year at the "Heather Nova and Friends - Festival of Music" went off as a great success. Since ATB was ill and could not come, US DJ Andy Schnerg took his place. But in addition to Fiona Pears, pianist Ian Tilley also performed at the concert. They both accompanied Heather Nova on a full set of her songs, just as they had done in 2006 on the Intimate Evening concert series.

Two Heather Nova Net forums members made the trip to Bermuda to see the concert and explore Heather’s own backyard, Gerd from Germany and Paris from the United States. They both reported having a wonderful time at this very family-oriented event. Gerd managed to conduct an interview with Heather Nova at the concert which he worked hard at transcribing once he got back home from his trip.

In addition to wishing Heather Nova well on her 40th birthday, Heather Nova Net also presented the full interview that Gerd had done at the concert in June. She not only discussed Bermuda and the songwriting process, but also gave some indications about what’s to come. She said she had written “40 bits of songs” for a new album and had been doing a lot of painting as well as some poems. She hinted that some poems and paintings would be on her official site soon and that a live album would be coming soon, but nothing yet has appeared. She also expressed a desire to do a tour of the east coast of the United States, so we’ll be watching eagerly to see if that comes to pass.

Although we only found out in October, Heather Nova was a last-minute addition as a performer to the "Picnic in the Park" free family event in Bermuda held to support sustainable development and the preservation of open spaces.

The second round of the sorrowjoy tournament also came to a close with twelve poems still alive.

In addition to learning about the band Margaret's Daughter covering Heather Nova's "Like Lovers Do", we also reached a new milestone here at Heather Nova Net of 100,000 total posts since this website's inception in 2005. The previous forums, NovaForums, had over 200,000 postings in total, so we still have a little ways to go before we catch up!

We finished up the third round of the sorrowjoy tournament, heading into the final exciting rounds. Only six poems remained: "cracking the code", "the poison", "soon alaska", "though i am not known here", "the girl", and "six years behind".

A new Heather Nova song, “Higher Ground”, was released on the website of Swiss magazine 7Sky as part of their November issue. The song accompanied and was inspired by a poem written by a surfer who has gotten involved with disaster relief following the 2004 Asian tsumami and the 2005 hurricane Katrina.

A year after beginning the sorrowjoy tournament, we completed the quarterfinals and semifinals and began the finals, in which "the girl" would score a narrow victory over "soon alaska". Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a fun game.

We got a second group covering a Heather Nova song, this time the girls of All Angels put their take on "Singing You Through".

And for the third year in a row, we presented a Heather Nova Advent Calendar of recordings, photos, videos, and contests put together by Gerd. For this year, all days were available for the entire rest of the month of December after they appeared each day.


I'm sorry for being a few days late on this New Years message. Luckily, Heather Nova has filled the void with her own greeting that hints at a possible new album in 2008. I look forward to seeing what this new year has to offer and hope to enjoy it with all of you here at Heather Nova Net. I would like to give thanks to Gerd, who continues to do a wonderful job running this site, and to Heather Nova, who continues to inspire us. I would also like to thank all of the fans here at Heather Nova Net who make these forums a community of friends.

So let's join together in wishing Heather Nova Net a Happy Third Birthday and each other a Happy New Year.


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