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Website News : Happy Birthday and Happy New Year
Posted by Cassander on 2006/1/1 0:00:00 (3247 reads)
Website News

Today marks both the New Year 2006 and the first anniversary of Heather Nova Net. Please join me in looking back at our first year, 2005:

On January 1st, 2005, the Heather Nova Network was born. After a virus wiped out Nova Forums, the founder, Tim, started Heather Nova Net as a replacement. With the new name came an expanded website. Sections for a calendar, discography, biography, lyrics, pictures, news and even chess were added to the forums. Members of the Nova Forums/Heather Nova Net international community volunteered to build the added sections and gather all of the latest Heather Nova news.

In February, we heard the first real news about Heather Nova's new album and its “bigger sound” from Heather herself as well as her drummer, Laurie Jenkins. On Heather Nova Net, we also started the Miscellaneous song tournament, beginning with the These Walls EP.

In March, Heather Nova participated in a demonstration against a new dolphin park in Bermuda. The demonstration was successful as the proposed park was indeed later rejected by the Bermudian government. We also talked about silly things on the forums, as usual.

More information about the new album continued to come in from Laurie Jenkins and Heather Nova's guitarist, Berit Fridahl. We found out about the earliest tour dates for the summer, the first of which was the famous “Blue Balls” festival. It soon turned out that Heather actually would not perform at this festival, but we'll always remember its funny name.

Heather first performed the Sloop song, “Together As One”, live. More tour dates were announced. We also discovered that Heather's upcoming album would be called “Redbird”. And most importantly, we finally finished the Miscellaneous tournament. These Walls bested Blind in the final round by one vote.

We learned of the August release date for Redbird, as well as the cover and some promo pictures. An interview with Heather Nova about her new album was published. The Ultimate tournament was started, featuring the favorite songs from each of Heather's albums before Redbird.

The track list for Redbird finally came out along with some thoughts from Heather Nova about each song. Preliminary lyrics soon followed. Welcome was released on iTunes as an online and promo only single. Longtime German fan Gerd took over Heather Nova Net from its founder, Tim. The Ultimate tournament ended with Truth and Bone defeating My Fidelity by a single vote.

Heather Nova's sixth album, Redbird, was released to a generally warm reception. She began the first leg of her tour to support the new album and Heather Nova Net provided setlists for most concerts soon after they were done. Thanks to all who contributed.

Heather Nova began the second leg of her tour, including a special concert in London at the end of the month. Her former cellist, Nadia Lanman, returned for a special acoustic set in the middle of the concert. In the late 1990s, Nadia had been forced to retire from cello playing due to medical troubles, but for this concert she managed to summon the strength to give her fans a real treat one last time.

Heather Nova finished the second leg of her tour. Nadia Lanman answered fan questions in an interview conducted jointly by Heather Nova Net and Heather Nova Net held a contest giving away Welcome promo singles and posters from the Redbird tour. Community member LightYears was the big winner, getting a signed Welcome CD and two posters.

Heather Nova Net unveiled a new Concert Setlists section of the website listing setlists from the Redbird tour in addition to the already added Tour Dates section. Heather Nova Net held a Redbird tournament which was easily won by I Miss My Sky. Undefeated chess champions Bernd and Chessimprov finally played against each other. Bernd won the first match as white and managed a draw in the second as black making him the champion of Heather Nova Net for now.

Heather Nova released Together As One, the single benefiting the Bermuda Sloop Foundation, in Bermuda at the start of the month. Lyrics were soon published and copies should be available from Heather Nova Net in January 2006. We also had the Heather Nova Net Advent Calendar, featuring rare pictures and recordings from throughout Heather Nova's career.

Thanks to everyone who made Heather Nova Net such a wonderful place to be in its first year, including Tim, Gerd, Bernd, Ben, Anke, Chris, Darren, Heather Nova, Felix Tod, Heather's band and crew, the people at Sony, the people at Target Concerts, and most importantly, all of the fans. First and foremost, the Heather Nova Network is a community of friends.

Thank you all for sharing 2005 with us. Please help us continue to improve Heather Nova Net in 2006. Post your thoughts. Let us know any news you find. Tell us how you feel. Or just listen. Together we can learn to live as one.

Please join me in wishing Heather Nova Net a happy first birthday.

Happy New Year


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