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"I'm Here"
Milky Way
2005/1/23 15:34
From Israel
Posts: 360
It's so nice to stumble upon Heather even in my work place. Today I had to find all the copyright information for "I'm Here", because, apparently, it's being downloaded in our mobile services as ringtones (!!).

Needless to say, I played it loud and made everyone listen.

And this is how it looks like (picture attached).

Attach file:

jpg  DSC02090.JPG (57.63 KB)
55_4e5f81b6be9d5.jpg 640X480 px

Posted on: 2011/9/1 14:59
"Oh, don't blow the mystique, it's really glamorous back there!!!" (HN referring to the backstage fun....)
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