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Heather Nova on vinyl (LP)
Glow Stars
2009/11/15 16:37
Posts: 34
I'm relatively new to (well, newly back to at least) the vinyl medium. I know some of Heather's albums have been released on vinyl, but most of them (Oyster, South, The Way It Feels) are long out of print and the few copies for sale online sell at outrageous prices.

So I'm just curious: Does anybody know which buttons one should push to promote the idea of a full vinyl (re)release campaign of Heather's albums? Is this something that has been discussed at any point?

It seems kind of sad that an iconic album like Siren never got a release on vinyl at all, and I'd really like to get a hold of Oyster on vinyl at a price less than its own weight in gold. (I'd be fine with a standard black vinyl release, the fancy coloured vinyl is a bit hit-and-miss anyway when it comes to audio quality.)

Posted on: 11/15 19:00
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Re: Heather Nova on vinyl (LP)
The Jasmine Flower
2005/1/2 0:28
Posts: 26946
Here, someons asks Heather:

"Random question: Will ‘Siren’ ever be released on vinyl?"

Her answer:

"Record label still owns the rights! 😢 But i hope so one day!"

Posted on: 11/19 9:55

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