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"Two stars for arms like orion"
The Jasmine Flower
2005/1/2 0:28
Posts: 26894
Well, maybe soon only one star left: ... ld-explode-supernova.html

Betelgeuse, a reddish star that's one of the brightest in the night sky, has been noticeably "fainting," or getting dimmer. The approximately 8.5 million-year-old star, which is part of the Orion constellation, has been one of the most recognizable stars in the sky because of its brightness and coloration. But this recent, dramatic fading has prompted scientists to suggest that the star might be entering a pre-supernova phase, dimming before it collapses and "dies" in a fiery supernova explosion. If the star does become a supernova, Betelgeuse would likely be as bright as, or even brighter than the moon for weeks or even more.

Posted on: 1/15 12:41
"Sweet and gentle and sensitive man, with a deep fascination for numbers" (Kate Bush)
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Re: "Two stars for arms like orion"
2008/1/17 13:25
Posts: 1359
Yeah, I've read about that the other day and was immediately thinking of Thruth and bone!

Posted on: 1/15 19:32
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