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Mal Blum
The Jasmine Flower
2005/1/3 18:45
From usa
Posts: 12550
One of my absolute favorite musicians nowadays, they have a new album coming out on July 12. Can't wait to see them again on July 20 in DC.

They just released a new single called Salt Flats from the upcoming album, Pity Boy. They've been playing it live for the last couple years but it's good to hear the studio version which is great as well

It's a very different song than Heather Nova's Island but there are parallels too. Both songs are describing abusive relationships and both put a lot of focus on the contrast between being harmful and then seemingly nice. "A kiss, a kick, a kiss, a kick", "he's too scared to hit me now, he brings flowers instead", "you rub salt in my wounds then you lick it away".

Both songs also deal with the difficulty of getting out of such a relationship and also call on geographical metaphors, an island representing a place of solitude and safety and the salt flats representing the unending and seemingly inescapable but toxic nature of such a relationship.

Anyway, I'd say the song is worth a listen. You'll also hear blaring guitars after some of the darkest lyrics which calls to mind Blue Black a bit.

Posted on: 2019/6/8 4:19
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