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2019-10-29 Nürnberg (D)
The Jasmine Flower
2005/1/2 0:28
Posts: 26451


Not sure about the Nürnberg concert.

According to Eventim, the concert takes place at Löwensaal, but according to this website, it takes place at Hirsch: ... details/heather-nova.html

That's two different locations!

I will try to find out what is correct within the next days.

Posted on: 4/5 12:47
"Sweet and gentle and sensitive man, with a deep fascination for numbers" (Kate Bush)
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Re: 2019-10-29 Nürnberg (D)
HNN Forums Admin
2005/1/2 0:25
From a pink glow star
Posts: 20551
my "hardticket" for Nuremberg arrived today, cheaper than the printticket, or any other ticket. it is really seldom meanwhile to get tickets with a cover like in the seventies! I got ticket number one, so very nice to me.

Posted on: 5/14 22:20
"it's the spirit in you, that i want to find." - Heather
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