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Floods in Germany
Glow Stars
2020/6/21 6:13
Posts: 42
Just wanted to say I'm thinking of everyone affected by the floods and the terrible loss of life and communities.

I hope everyone here and all your families are safe.

Posted on: 2021/7/23 5:49
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Re: Floods in Germany
The Jasmine Flower
2005/1/2 0:28
Posts: 27500
I'm fine!

Posted on: 2021/7/23 10:13

"I don't even know why do you think I'm a mess" (The Muffs - Sad Tomorrow)
"I'm sorry for the mess, you see my mind is somewhere else" (P.S. Eliot - Troubled Medium)
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Re: Floods in Germany
HNN Forums Admin
2005/1/2 0:25
From a pink glow star
Posts: 21159
Thank you Cass for thinking about to flood here in local spots of Germany with lots of death people. Due to climate change we might get used to it like Corona.

I think everybody should think about, if this could happen in the own area and how to protect agaist it and what to do in case it happens to save your own life.

At lease I have done this for years in terms of my important documnets and data and have copies etc. in a different place. A problem is of course in case of unique items like a guitar or original paintings or items you got from a very good friend.

Posted on: 2021/7/23 18:11
"it's the spirit in you, that i want to find." - Heather
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